Animated Shorts – Bridges Festival 2022


 March 12 to 14 2022



In person @Halo Cafe 3024 Hurontario St, Mississauga ON L5B 4M4 

In person @Paradigms in Photography 2515 Hurontario St Unit 102, Mississauga ON L5A 4C8

Watch some of the best short films from worldwide celebrated filmmakers, for the whole family to enjoy.

Available on demand or view projections for free at Halo Cafe and Paradigms in Photography Studio 

About the Event

Gather with your family and let your imagination run wild as you watch 17 award winning animated films from across the globe.

Tickets holders are granted access to the entire line up of films (17 short animated films with a total run time of 100+ minutes)

If you would like to see the event live, projections of the films can be viewed for free at Halo Cafe, (3024 Hurontario St, Mississauga, ON L5B 4M4) and Paradigms in Photography Studio, (2515 Hurontario St unit 102, Mississauga, ON L5A 4C8) all day from Friday March 12 – 14th.

This years films have been curated based on artistic merit, innovation and creativity, and suitability for family audiences. 

This is event is presented by Bridges Festival 2022.

Bridges Festival is an international puppetry and animation festival held in Mississauga. The festival features a variety of shows and activities available for all ages and families to enjoy!

Bridges Festival engages in the conversation about art and society by introducing, examining and celebrating various forms of animating objects. It is our mission to ignite a reflection of the world in our audiences by connecting past and the future. We celebrate traditional forms of puppetry and the skills of the puppet designers and performers, while expanding the conversation of what is puppetry and animation and how it touches contemporary world. 

We aim to introduce, examine and celebrate various forms of animation of objects. For us, animation is expressed in various forms, including puppetry, automation, stop-motion animation, film, digital animation and robotics. We are curious about objects that explore human stories and form relationships with humans. We want to expanding the conversation of what puppetry and animation are and how they touch the contemporary world.

Join us from March 12 – 14, 2022 for an experience of discovery, joy and laughter through puppetry and animation with your loved ones. Start your family tradition this March by creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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