The Leaf
A Short Film By Leonardo Sá
The Leaf - Bridges Festival


March 12 to 14 2022



In person @Halo Cafe 3024 Hurontario St, Mississauga ON L5B 4M4 

In person @Paradigms in Photography 2515 Hurontario St Unit 102, Mississauga ON L5A 4C8


An indigenous child and a magic leaf are the only hope to save the Tree of Life and the forest from destruction. She takes lessons from her tribe’s shaman and carries the jaguar’s strength with her. With her little friend, an ocelot, she must cross a burning forest and face terrible machines to succeed.

Age: All Ages

Country: Canada


Leonardo Sá is an animator and visual artist, born in Brazil and living in Canada (Vancouver, BC). He graduated from the Vancouver Film School in the Classical Animation program, holds a BA in Advertising with a specialization in Computer Graphics and an MBA in Communication. He has worked as a story artist, art director, graphic designer, screenwriter and illustrator in animation studios, advertising agencies, TV shows, in the corporate communication market.

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