Scrambled Eggs
A Short Film By Tomas Vega
Scrambled Eggs Poster


March 12 to 14 2022



In person @Halo Cafe 3024 Hurontario St, Mississauga ON L5B 4M4 

In person @Paradigms in Photography 2515 Hurontario St Unit 102, Mississauga ON L5A 4C8


A humorous story about discrimination and prejudice with a nice final moral.

Age: All Ages

Country: Argentina


Tomas Vega was born in Buenos Aires on July 9, 1992. He is a journalism technician and a graduate in Social Communication, graduated from the National University of La Matanza. He participated in various audiovisual productions in the academic field, from documentaries and microseries to stop motion animations. “Toxic” is his first fiction short film, where he made his debut as a screenwriter and director. His passion for cinema led him to continue venturing into the seventh art, and he recently presented “The last case”, his second audiovisual proposal made entirely by himself during confinement by coronavirus covid-19. Later he made his first animated project “Scrambled Eggs” where he tested his dexterity in the stop-motion technique. He is currently working on the writing of a new short film loaded with social drama, action and stories of migrants.

Tomas Vega
Tomas Vega

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