Interactive Treasure Adventure
Puppet What What needs the help of some adventurous new friends to solve riddles, collect special items, and find the treasure! X marks the spot!
Interactive Treasure Adventure


10 am March 12 2022

10 am March 13 2022 



Duration: 40 minutes

Ages: 2 – 9

About the Show

Puppet What What and a group of adventurous new friends (the children in the audience on Zoom) are sent on a pirate’s treasure hunt, where they solve riddles and collect special items (easily found in their homes). X marks the spot!

Interactive Treasure Hunt is presented in partnership with Heart Comonos


About The Creator

Puppet What What is made from a sock. She’s small, but her imagination is big! Her puppeteer, Robin Polfuss, builds, performs and teaches puppetry. Together they perform at slams, festivals and make videos for youtube.


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