Crane Creations' Board of Directors

Crane Creations Theatre Company’s Board of Directors is a diverse group of professionals and community leaders. Learn more about who they are and how you can sit on our board. 

Board of Directors Statistics

We seek to reflect the diversity of Mississauga in Crane Creations Theatre Company’s Board of Directors. 

Immigrants To Canada
Mississauga Residents
People Of Colour
Persons With Disabilities

Meet Crane Creations' Board

Our Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing Crane Creations Theatre Company. Our Board is compromised of successful CEO’s, engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers, leaders, advocates and innovators. We seek to reflect the diversity of our city in the board of directors. 

Faisal Rasheed

Chair of the Board

Faisal is a founder and CEO of Ambient Squared, a successful international marketing company. Their clients include IKEA, BMO, Hyundai and Sony. Ambient Squared specializes in large scale experiential campaigns. Their campaigns have gathered much attention at the Toronto Nuit Blanche and Montreal Jazz Festival. 

Margaret Geare


Following a successful career in teaching, Margaret Geare  teaches leadership skills to Young Women through Zonta or Z clubs. This led to her appointment, in 2019, to the D4 UN committee as Co-Chair for Canada. As part of the CSW since 2018, she has joined with international participants working on Sustainable Goal 5 for achieving Gender Equity by 2030.

Andreja Kovac

Director ex officio

Andreja Kovac is an award winning, critically acclaimed professional theatre director originally from Slovenia, now residing in Mississauga. In Slovenia, Andreja was hired by large state theatres (the equivalents of Stratford or Shaw Festival in Canada) to direct more than 45 professional shows. She also served as an Artistic Director of a theatre school for 5 years, managing budgets and overseeing a season of 4 shows, 80+ students.

Rosanna Ramirez


Rosanna Ramirez is a trained engineer and entrepreneur. Her company is involved in manufacturing and research consulting. As a mom of two children with autism, Rosanna is very passionate about mental health and inclusion, and she devotes much of her time to advocating for children with disabilities to be involved in artistic and learning activities including live theatre.

Zubair Moinuddin


Zubair is the Director of Operations and Marketing for an international staffing and supply chain company with headquarters in Mississauga, Montreal, and the USA. Zubair is originally from India, but he spent most of his life in Dubai before immigrating to Canada. He has excellent experience in international business, human resources and supply chain management. 

Arun Pillai


Arun is an entrepreneur helping the private sector obtain government tax credits and
grants. As an engineering graduate from University of Waterloo, Arun was part of the dot com tech boom working for tech giant Trilogy in Austin, Texas before starting his first business. Today he runs a national consulting business with offices in Mississauga, Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver.

Carl Jackson


Carl is a senior data scientist at Shopify with over 15 years’ experience in data science, software development, research, writing, editing, and teaching. Carl comes from a theatrical family; he was born in the UK where his parents ran a professional theatre. Carl continues to cultivate his theatre interest in Toronto by participating in community theatre as a director and actor.

What Does The Board Do?

The role of a Crane Creations Theatre Company’s Board of Directors is to oversee the executive leadership of the company. The Board of Directors are a governing body with a fiduciary duty to the organization. They make key decisions, strategically plan for the future of an organization, and create the mission, vision and goals of our company.  They set policies, advise the executive team of our organization, and have the ability to recruit or replace executive directors. 

To join the Board Of Directors at Crane Creations Theatre Company, a member must be elected during an annual general meeting (AGM). An annual general meeting is a yearly meeting where members of an organization meet. In Canada, all not-for-profit organizations must hold annual general meetings. During this meeting a democratic process is held, where members vote to elect board members. 

Once elected, board member will meet periodically depending on their bylaws. Bylaws are a set of rules which dictate how a board operates. Crane Creations Theatre Company’s Board of Directors meet quarterly. 

Being a board members is not a lifetime position. Board members serve for terms, the length of which is set by the bylaws. Once a board member’s term is complete, board members are up for re-election at the next annual general meeting. 

Chair of The Board

Chair. Chairperson. President. Chairman or Chairwoman. All of these words are used to describe a similar leadership role in the board of directors. The Chair of The Board is responsible for overseeing all other board members, presiding over meetings, appointing committees, practicing good governance and ensuring the responsibilities of the board are carried out.


The secretary is responsible for communication between board members and between the board, the members and the public. The secretary will also create and keep minutes of all board meetings. Minutes are required legal records of board meetings.


A treasurer is responsible for overseeing financials of an organization. They review and communicate financial conditions to the board in order to ensure the board is maintaining it's fiscal responsibilities. The treasurer oversees financial statements, annual budgets, and all other major financial documents.

Types of Roles On A Board

There are many different roles in a board of directors. Here are the three most important roles. 

Why Join Crane Creations Theatre Company's Board

Advance Your Career

Level up your resume and take on a leadership position.

Benefit Your Communnity

Have your voice heard in your community.

Expand Your Network

Meet new people and build new connections.

Want To Join Our Board?

We always looking for new members. Learn about the different positions. 


Serve on Crane Creations Theatre Company’s Board of Directors, as Secretary. Learn more about this board position.

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Serve on Crane Creations Theatre Company’s Board of Directors, as Treasurer. Learn more about this board position.

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