A puppet show for kids

In the middle of a forest clearing a Rabbit, Squirrel, Crane, and Bear stumble across a mysterious reflective object laying in the grass. What could it be? Crane Creations in collaboration with Chamber Music Society of Mississauga and Lutkovno Gledelisce Maribor (Maribor Puppet Theatre) is developing a new children’s puppet show for kids ages 2-6.

The Puppet Show

The Chamber Music Society of Mississauga has collaborated with Crane Creations Theatre Company to present a workshop performance of Mirror in August 2021 at the Small Arms Inspection Building. Resident playwright Eugenia De Jong adapted the original text into a 40 minute musical puppet show, with the help of pianist Eric Geddis. This workshop was performed for audiences aged 2-6 and their families. The Chamber Music Society of Mississauga and Crane Creations are further developing this piece to bring it to children around the world.

In the summer of 2022, the team from Crane Creations Theatre Company travelled to Maribor, Slovenia to work on the next stage of development for this piece with the team at Maribor Puppet Theatre, including puppet builder Aleksander Andželović create unique puppets made especially for this production, and continue workshopping the story, script, lyrics and music. The final product will be performed in the end of August in Slovenia, and then transported back to Mississauga, for it’s Canadian premiere.

The Team

Creative Team Workshop 1 - 2021

Directed by

Andreja Kovac

Produced By

Peggy Hills

Adapted for the stage by

Eugenia De Jong

Music composed and performed by

Erik Geddis


Aimee Poulin & Mya Wong

Produced by

Creative Team Workshop 2 - 2022

Directed by

Andreja Kovac

Produced By

Crane Creations Theatre Company & Lutkovno Gledelisce Maribor

Adapted for the stage by

Eugenia De Jong

Music composed and performed by

Erik Geddis


Eugenia De Jong & Aimee Poulin


Chamber Music Society of Mississauga

The Chamber Music Society of Mississauga is a registered, charitable, arts organization that presents professional, live, ensembles that educate, engage and inspire audiences of all ages.

The Director

Andreja Kovac

Mississauga based emerging professional theatre company, Crane Creations, was founded by Andreja Kovac, National Theatre School’s Directing Program Graduate, and experienced director, educator, producer and creator, originally from Slovenia, now based in Canada. 


The Playwright

Eugenia De Jong

Eugenia De Jong is a playwright, actor and emerging theatre director located in the GTA. She is a resident playwright of Crane Creations Theatre Company. Eugenia De Jong holds B.F.A from the University of Windsor. 

This was Eugenia’s first time working with a composer, Erik Geddis, and it was a fantastic experience.




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Work in culture

Crane Creations Theatre Company hires a group of emerging artists to share with them how to become a professional artist in Canada. Arts Jobs are rather precarious, but we aim to create a stable foundation by equipping them with useful skills.

Cover page of Cankar plays collection, which is part of live events in Mississauga and activities in Mississauga

Cankar is regarded as the greatest writer in the Slovenian language and yet is unknown in most of the world. This project, that is supported by the European commission, has undertaken the task of translating his plays to English for the first time. They are available for pre-order.

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