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Formerly Bridges Festival

Puppet Shows For Families In Mississauga

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Treat your family to quality theatre at Puppet Festival Mississauga this March Break. These live puppet shows are specifically curated or family audiences in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Since young people have been affected by the pandemic, live activities for children in Mississauga, are very much needed. Puppet Festival Mississauga presents live theatre that encourages children to be curious about the world around them.

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Mom of Two

Choo. Choo. Whistle. Woof!


A dog overcomes his fear of the unknown and ventures on a great train adventure! A Puppet Show for Kids at Mississauga Puppet Festival this March Break 2023. Great for Kids 2+. 

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The Happy Prince


An unforgettable story of friendship, based on the classic children’s tale by Oscar Wilde. Playing in Spanish and English at Mississauga Puppet Festival this March Break 2023. Great for Ages 3+. 

What Is Puppet Festival Mississauga?

Puppet Festival Mississauga (formerly named Bridges Festival) is an international festival of Puppetry and Animation. The festival takes place all over the city of Mississauga during March Break, and has lots of fun events and activities for adults and kids alike.

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Puppet Festival Mississauga Has More Than Just Puppets

Watch Animated Short Films For Kids

Puppet Festival Mississauga has more than just puppet shows. We also present animated short films from all around the world during the Festival. Each March Break, we present between six to twenty films, available to watch Online, On Demand Or In Person. 

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Every Night During The Festival

Puppet Festival Mississauga Projects Short Animated Films Onto Storefront Windows Of Businesses Across Mississauga.

Events For Artists At Puppet Festival Mississauga

Are you a Puppeteer? Presenter? Animator? Theatre Artist? 

There are lots of different ways that you can be involved in Puppet Festival Mississauga! Each year we present and curate lots of different events and activities for artists to get involved in the festival, including workshops, networking events, panels and more! Engage in a panel about diversity in the world of puppetry. Join a discussions about the latest advancements in puppet technology. Meet puppeteers from all around the world. Whether you are a fellow presenter looking to program your next festival, an artist who wants to take the next step in your career, or if you are simply curious about the world of puppetry and want to meet fellow puppet enthusiasts, we have something for you!  

Events for 2023 To Be Announced!

The History Of Puppet Festival Mississauga

Puppet Festival Mississauga (originally named Bridges Festival) began on March 13 2020. Our festival opened, the very day the pandemic started, and venues had to close across Ontario. We didn’t let this bad luck stop us! The next year we created an entirely online Festival, and 2022 was the first year we were able to program a in-person festival. From the very start we have always been committed to presenting the best events from around the world to families in Mississauga. 

Scientific research shows

Live theatre helps develop applicable knowledge

Credit: Tintoy Chuo 

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Puppetry and the animation of inanimate objects are some of the oldest art forms known to humans. They can be traced all the way to the bronze age and are present in virtually all cultures around the globe. Despite these ancient origin, giving life to inanimate objects is not an art form of the past, but of the present and definitely for the future. Today, more than ever, we are surrounded by puppetry. 


Computer games, and animated films are a form of puppetry. Using a series of static images lined up to evoke movement. Robots, becoming more present in our daily life are also puppets in their essence; complex combinations of inanimate parts assembled in a way that allows them to have movement with specific outcome and function. Most recent humanoid robots are even directly modelled after centuries old principles and techniques of puppet designs and building.

Bridges – Mississauga Puppetry Festival will aim to engage in the conversation about art and society by introducing, examining and celebrating various forms of animation of objects during March break. For us, animation is expressed in various forms of movement of inanimate objects. These forms include puppetry, automation, stop-motion animation, film, digital animation and robotics. We are curious about the questions of how life is created and impacted by objects that explore human stories and form relations with humans. It is our mission to ignite a reflection of the world in our audiences by connecting the past and the future. We want to celebrate traditional forms of puppetry and the skills of the puppet designers and performers, while expanding the conversation of what puppetry and animation are and how they touch the contemporary world.