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by Danai Gurira

Play Date: Play Reading on Zoom

Who are we?

Our goal is to create high quality live events in Mississauga, for audiences of all ages! We encourage and promote artists by providing them with resources, mentorship and training. We are constantly cultivating and expanding national and international ties with professional theatres, presenters, festivals, curators and artists to be able to bring the best live events to Mississauga for you and your family.

Theatre is like watching TV
...but with health benefits

How is this possible?

Studies show that students who experience live theatre are better at reading, vocabulary and have increased tolerance, more so than if they had just read or watched a book or movie version of the same story. Not only is live theatre a great tool for learning academic skills, it also helps with social skills and general acceptance of their peers.

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Live theatre improves communication

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Why Mississauga?

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What are other live events in Mississauga

Crane Creations Theatre Company

Providing live events in Mississauga is a goal for us. We are always working on something new. See the latest updates, learn about upcoming live events in Mississauga and the people who make Crane Creations soar in the section below.

Events in Mississauga

Bridges Festival is a festival of Puppetry and Animation. The festival takes place all over the city of Mississauga. There are more than 15 events happening each year: puppet shows, films, workshops, exhibitions and talks. We carefully curate artists from around the world and across Canada to bring the best events for children to Mississauga. 

Volunteer of the Month

Timothy Nguyen has been a dedicated volunteer with Crane Creations since November 2021. His hard work and persistence has help increase participation at Bridges Festival 2022 and he helped tremendously during the 2021 production of Terror at Clarke Hall.


Cankar is regarded as the greatest writer in the Slovenian language and yet is unknown in most of the world. This project, that is supported by the European commission, has undertaken the task of translating his plays to English for the first time. They are available for pre-order.


Terror is a courtroom drama that questions the idea of a means justifying an end. It warns against quantifying human life. The audience serves as a jury at the trial of a fighter jet pilot, accused of killing the passengers of a commercial flight.

Work in culture

Crane Creations Theatre Company hires a group of emerging artists to share with them how to become a professional artist in Canada. Arts Jobs are rather precarious, but we aim to create a stable foundation by equipping them with useful skills.


In the middle of a forest clearing, a Rabbit, a Squirrel, a Crane and a Bear stumble upon a mysterious reflective object. What could it be? Inspired by the short story “The Little Mirror” by Grigor Vitez, Mirror is a puppetry show for all ages.