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What Is Crane Creations Theatre Company?

Crane Creations Theatre Company creates high quality live events in Mississauga, for audiences of all ages! We encourage and promote artists by providing them with resources, mentorship and training. We are constantly cultivating and expanding national and international ties with professional theatres, presenters, festivals, curators and artists to be able to bring the best live events to Mississauga for you and your family.

How Do You Say Theatre In Your Language?

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Lois Grace Santiago

Lois Grace is a member of Crane Creations Theatre Company’s Summer Ensemble 2024. Bringing their imaginative creations and art work to the company!

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Tristan Lall

Congratulations to Tristan Lall, March 2024’s Volunteer of The Month! Would you like to be the next Volunteer of the Month?

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What are our live events in Mississauga

Crane Creations Theatre Company

Providing live events in Mississauga is our goal. We are always working on something new. See the latest updates, learn about upcoming live events in Mississauga and the people who make Crane Creations soar in the section below.

Latest Work Opportunities
Careers At Crane

Are you an emerging actor in the Canadian theatre scene? Crane Creations Theatre Company is hiring actors to be apart of the Summer Ensemble 2024! 

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Volunteering With Crane

Congratulations to Tristan Lall, March 2024’s Volunteer of The Month! Would you like to be the next Volunteer of the Month?

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Puppet Festival Mississauga
Quality Education & Fun

Need something to do? Puppet Festival Mississauga, a festival of puppetry and animation is fun for the whole family!

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Play Date

A monthly Play Reading Circle for the community. All levels or reading and English welcome. We want to learn together and discuss theatre

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Use Our Space To Host Your Event
Maja Prentice Theatre

We manage a beautiful 201 seat venue, nicknamed “Mississauga’s Hidden Gem”. Located on the corner of Burnamthorpe and Dixie. 

Fundraising and Sponsorships
Thank You MPP Sheref Sabawy
Fundraising News

Thank you to MPP Sheref Sabawy, who joined us at puppet show, The Green Box in August 2023. Mr. Sabawy presented a certificate for our artistic talents! 

Theatre is like watching TV
...but with health benefits

How is this possible?

Studies show that students who experience live theatre are better at reading, vocabulary and have increased tolerance, more so than if they had just read or watched a book or movie version of the same story. Not only is live theatre a great tool for learning academic skills, it also helps with social skills and general acceptance of their peers.

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Live theatre improves communication

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