Placements For Co-op Students

Co-op students gain experience in a professional not-for-profit arts organization. Crane Creations Theatre Company offers co-op placements for high school, college and university students.

What Co-op Students Gain

What We Offer

Opportunities To Lead

Co-op students are given unique leadership opportunities, where they are challenged to create, produce, and problem solve in a professional environment. Students feel empowered to learn entrepreneurial and leadership skills and gain independence in a working environment.

On the Job Experience

Students work alongside our employees in a professional work environment. They are given the same expectations in the workplace as our employees would. They are expected to meet deadlines, complete tasks, and contribute to the company.

Invaluable Insights

Students interested in working in an arts organization or not for profit sectors gain insights into how the theatre industry works. The insights they gain cannot be taught in school and must be experienced. They gain an insiders understanding of how arts industries work.

Networking Opportunities

It's all about who you know in the arts industry. Students have the chance to connect with industry leaders across Canada and around the world. Co-op students have an opportunity to start building long-lasting and fruitful relationships and learn who's who in the arts sector. Building these relationships will give students a head start in their career.


Students gain one-on-one mentorship from professionals. Our staff have a combined 90+ years experience working in arts, not-for-profit, technical and administrative worlds. They sit on provincial and national boards, are multi-award winners and have worked around the world. Discuss career paths and future goals with a successful theatre profession.

Future Opportunities

Past co-op students have gone on to find employment in their field of choice. Students have been accepted into the top theatre schools in Canada and abroad, and are now receiving a world-class education. We also offer co-op students, who we believe are a great fit for our company, employment after their placement has finished.

What Co-op Students Can Learn During Their Placement

Working in the theatre, students will be exposed to the business side of the arts industry. From maintaining our website and social media, working on marketing and promotion, working behind the scenes and back stage, students gain new skills.

Co-op Positions At Crane Creations Theatre Company

Event Management and Hospitality

Bring an event from the concept to the final production. Meet VIP guests at our events and chat with artists from across the world. Book accommodation and travel for our artists. Learn excellent customer service while participating in our front of house duties, and gain practical skills like operating a POS system.

Arts Administration and Artistic Production

Learn how to create budgets, contracts, schedules, and more. Become an expert spreadsheet maker, perfect your email correspondence skills, and even dip your toes into automations. Occasionally also load the printer with new paper and laminate artist passes. Help with building props or painting our stage.

Technical Production

Assist Crane Creations technical team with setting up the lights, connecting microphones, and building sets using sophisticated technical equipment. Help with equipment set up, storage and maintenance. Build muscle moving set elements, and turn a concert into a party with a lighting sequence you have created. Learn about stage safety protocols and rock the backstage in a hard hat and steel toed boots.

Setting Up Students For Success

Don’t just take our word for it

"Working as an artistic producer, I was given a leadership position, managing my own project. The opportunities provided were amazing and overall it was an invaluable experience. I gained so many skills along the way."
Isha Misra | Gr 12
Co-op Student 2022
“There are a lot of things that need to get done in a theatre, from the very small to the very big. I learned about all the different components and applied the business skills I was learning to the position.”
Josh Erbeck | Gr 12
Co-op Student 2023

Statistics About Our Co-op Students



Improved Skills

Students saw a significant improvement in professional skills during their co-op placement.


Acceptance Into Program of Choice

Students pursued a post-secondary education in a field related to their co-op placement.



42% of students found employment in a related field within 3 months of finishing their co-op.


Academic Improvement

86% of Students saw an improvement in their grades after finishing co-op.

Interested in A Co-op Placement?

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Interested In Volunteering with us?

Get a sneak peak about what it’s like to work with Crane Creations and get your 40 hours. 

An Average Day As A Co-op Student

When you arrive to our theatre, or our studio, you are greeted by a warm smile of our team member welcoming you, asking how’s your day been while you’re settling to a desk or heading down the hallway to the stage area. You are given a computer or any other equipment you will need that day. You might be sporting a hard hat, or a pair of working gloves depending on what area of our activities you are interested in.

Your tasks are outlined online, on our Google Drive; or delegated to you by Crane Creations’ Team. You are encouraged to ask questions about the tasks. You might be learning a new skill like how to create an event listing online or how to turn on a stage light using a sophisticated lighting console. There are small simpler tasks to be done too like laminating an artists pass or checking off volunteers arriving for a volunteer training session. All of the tasks that end up on your list are very important part of running a theatre day to day: stage lights, actors and applause are supported by thousands of actions that make theatre happen every day.

Our Co-op students get to see the backstage, and experience the behind the scenes day to day operations of a professional theatre.

Alumni Co-op Students

Let's CElebrate All Of Our Amazing Past Co-op Students

Enzo Tozzi Lira

Conseil Scolaire Catholique Mon Avenir

Joshua Erbek

Iona Catholic Secondary School

John Michael Galvez

Jarvis Collegiate Institute

Isha Misra

Cawthra Park Secondary School

Shriyanshi Quanoongo

Cawthra Park Secondary School

Sarah Bukhari

Jarvis Collegiate Institute

Eva Guo

Jarvis Collegiate Institute

Our Co-op Students In Action

What Is Co-op?

Cooperative education, commonly known as co-op, is a valuable and transformative program offered to secondary school students across Ontario, Canada. Through co-op placements, students gain real-world experience in professional settings while earning academic credits. This innovative educational approach equips students with practical skills, personal growth, and career readiness, making it an essential component of Ontario’s secondary education system.

The Benefits Of Cooperative Learning

More and more schools within Mississauga and beyond offer co-op as an accredited course to students. And it’s easy to see why, there are so many benefits to co-op education. By fostering hands-on learning, skill development, career exploration, networking, personal growth, and even contributing to the local economy, co-op placements offer a comprehensive array of advantages that enrich students’ educational journeys and prepare them for the ever-evolving world beyond the classroom.

Hands On Learning

Bridging Theory and Practice

The cornerstone of co-op placements lies in its provision of an immersive and practical learning experience that transcends the confines of traditional classroom instruction. Encountering professionals across various industries, students gain firsthand insight into how theoretical knowledge is applied in authentic, real-world scenarios. This bridge between theory and practice is paramount, as it enhances students’ understanding of complex concepts by allowing them to witness their practical applications. Consequently, co-op placements cultivate a deep comprehension that lasts beyond the immediate experience, thus increasing retention and application of knowledge.

Skills Development

Technical and Soft Skills Amplified​

The diverse array of co-op placements available to Ontario’s secondary school students empowers them to develop an extensive range of skills, spanning both technical and soft proficiencies. In the technical realm, students hone skills that are directly relevant to their chosen industry, equipping them with a competitive edge in the professional landscape. Additionally, co-op experiences foster the acquisition of indispensable soft skills such as effective communication, adept teamwork, impeccable time management, and innovative problem-solving – skills that transcend industries and contribute profoundly to personal and professional success.

Career Exploration

Nurturing Informed Choices

Co-op placements present a remarkable opportunity for students to embark on an enlightening journey of career exploration. While many students initially enter co-op with a particular career interest, their hands-on experiences often lead to the discovery of new passions and directions. This exposure to a multitude of industries empowers students to make informed decisions about their future education and career choices. By gaining first-hand insights into the demands and rewards of various professions, students are better equipped to align their aspirations with their abilities, resulting in more deliberate career trajectories.

Networking and Professional Connections

A Precursor to Success

One of the most remarkable facets of co-op placements is the avenue they create for students to establish a robust professional network even before graduating from secondary school. The connections forged with mentors, supervisors, and colleagues can open doors to future job opportunities and collaborations. Additionally, the feedback students receive on their performance during co-op placements serves as a mirror, reflecting their strengths and areas for improvement. This reflective process not only refines their skills but also instills a sense of confidence in their abilities, which greatly influences their overall self-esteem.

Boosting Confidence and Self Esteem

Triumph over Challenges

The challenges inherent to co-op placements significantly contribute to students’ personal growth. Navigating unfamiliar environments, mastering novel skills, and adapting to dynamic workplace interactions collectively contribute to heightened self-confidence and self-esteem. As students conquer obstacles and achieve success in their placements, they cultivate a profound sense of accomplishment that extends beyond their professional journey and positively impacts their overall well-being. 

Smooth Transition To Post-Secondary Education

A Seamless Continuum

Co-op experiences have been demonstrated to facilitate a seamless transition from secondary school to post-secondary education. Graduates of co-op placements are often better equipped to meet the academic demands of higher education, as they have already been exposed to certain aspects of independent learning and time management. Moreover, possessing practical experience within their chosen field equips them with an edge during competitive application processes, further cementing their readiness for higher education pursuits. 

Contributing to the Local Economy

A Symbiotic Relationship

Beyond the immediate benefits to students, co-op placements offer a symbiotic relationship that contributes to the local economy. Through partnerships with local businesses and organizations, students infuse their youthful energy and fresh perspectives, often contributing innovative solutions to industry challenges. Simultaneously, businesses gain access to young, motivated talent, enriching their workforce with diverse perspectives and up-to-date insights.

In Conclusion

Cooperative education placements have unquestionably evolved into an indispensable pillar of Ontario’s secondary education landscape. By facilitating hands-on learning, skill development, career exploration, networking, personal growth, and local economic growth, co-op placements epitomize a comprehensive and holistic approach to education. As the world continues to undergo rapid transformation, the pertinence of experiential learning through co-op placements remains resolute in nurturing capable, adaptable, and well-rounded individuals poised to thrive within the complexities of the modern workforce and society.

Get Paid To Learn About The Arts Industry

We offer a 8-week intensive on-the-job program to emerging artists. And it’s paid! 


Do You Do Co-Op In Person or online?

Whether the co-op placement is in-person or online is dependant on the nature of the co-op position. When meeting with students and co-op teacher, we will discuss whether the co-op should take place online or in-person. 

Do you have co-op positions for actors?

When people hear about working in the theatre, they often think of artistic jobs (actor, designer, theatre director), however most of the work in theatre is administrative. We rarely have co-op positions for actors or other artistic roles.

What is the process of Getting a co-op placement with crane Creations?

The first step is to reach out to us, by phone or email and inquire. We will arrange a meeting with prospective students and teachers. We might request a follow up interview with the student to ensure that we are a suitable match. Keep in mind we don’t always have openings for co-op placements. 

How Do I know if my school offers co-op?

Schools across Ontario offer co-op programs. Talk to your school guidance councillor or school administrator to see if your school has a cooperative education program. Click here to learn more about co-op from the Peel District School Board

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