Giant Strawberry

This parade performance symbolizes Mississauga’s transformation from a farming community into an urban city, achieved by many different people of people working together. The contrast between a large piece of fruit and tiny ants prompts reflection on the scale, collaboration, and effort required to achieve anything big or small. 


Why Make A Giant Strawberry?

Our inspiration for this project comes from Mississauga’s rural past, specifically the Clarkson neighbourhood, which was our company’s first home. Clarkson was once known as the “Strawberry Capital of Ontario.” 

To celebrate Mississauga’s history on its 50th anniversary, we created a giant strawberry and an army of ants carrying it, symbolizing the hardworking people who have built Mississauga over generations.

We aim to contribute to one of Mississauga’s most iconic events: the Paint the Town Red Parade in Port Credit, held every July 1st since 2003. The image of ants carrying a giant strawberry is a striking visual that plays with the colour red in a new context, celebrating both Canada and Mississauga.

Region of Peel Archives/Arthur E. Luker fonds In this picture, taken around 1910, is the Shook farm. Robert Shook was the president of the Clarkson-Dixie Fruit Growers Association at the time of his death, in 1929. - Region of Peel Archives/Arthur E. Luker fonds Credit: PAMA

The History Of Mississauga And Strawberries

Did you know Mississauga was once the strawberry capital of Canada?

The neighbourhood of Clarkson, Mississauga used to be called the “Strawberry Capital of Ontario” due to strawberry and raspberry cultivation introduced in the area by from 1856 onwards by Captain Edward Sutherland. Commercial fruit farming expanded in the area through the rest of the 19th and into the early 20th century. In fact, strawberry cultivation was so prominent that a sign was erected at the Clarkson railway station in 1915 declaring “Through this station passes more strawberries than any other station in Ontario.”


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The Process Of Making The Strawberry

The project began over two years ago with the idea of celebrating Mississauga’s 50th anniversary. We started by researching Mississauga’s history and visited Heritage Mississauga to learn more about the area. We discovered the fascinating history of strawberries in Clarkson, Mississauga, which inspired us to create a giant strawberry.

To bring this idea to life, we first explored various methods for designing and building the strawberry. Using 3D design software, we created prototypes of the strawberry and an ant-head.  Designs underwent numerous iterations before reaching the final version. We produced a miniature 3D print of the strawberry and ant head and then flattened the designs into 2D formats for tracing. We experimented with different materials and construction methods to determine the best options for the prototypes.

This project has undergone many stages of development, from the initial idea to creation. It has been an unpredictable yet rewarding journey. As a theatre company, we strive to inspire imagination and creativity in others through our creations.

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Team Behind The Strawberry

Creative Concept: Andreja Kovac

Digital Rendering: Eshita Kala

Patterning: Taylor Blais 

Modeling: Lois Santiago

Construction & Building: Rob Stefaniuk, Johnson Wang, Eunnie An, Prottoy Siddique, Gracious Gomes

Performers: Chloe Matamoros, Eunnie An, Johnson Wang, Prottoy Siddique, Dmitri Kowlaski

Logistics and Support: Binh Truong, Eugenia De Jong, Dmitri Kowalski

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