The Usual Insect
A Short Film By Ben Can Hekimoglu
The Usual Insect


March 12 to 14 2022



In person @Halo Cafe 3024 Hurontario St, Mississauga ON L5B 4M4 

In person @Paradigms in Photography 2515 Hurontario St Unit 102, Mississauga ON L5A 4C8


The Usual Insect tells the story of an insect criminal invading a suburban kitchen to steal a cake. While making his way towards the cake, the criminal sets off a chain reaction of kitchen utensils, which build up in intensity. Just when the criminal is face to face with his goal, the microwave behind him explodes, launching him directly towards his goal. Midflight he notices that he is actually flying towards an open mason jar instead of the cake. He falls into the jar, which closes due to the impact. On top of being captured, the kitchen door opens and a womans scream is heard, foretelling the insects fate.

Duration: 2 minutes

Age: All Ages

Country: Germany


Produced by Ben Can Hekimoglu, Hendrick Helpach, Rene-Sophie Lauth, Julia Buettner, Levin Wunder

Direction: Ben Can Hekimoglu

Technical Direction by Hendrik Helpach

FX by Levin Wunder and Rene-Sophie Lauth

2D Animation by Ben Can Hekimoglu

Environment by Julia Büttner

Sound by Robin Serwe and Ole Ohlendorf

Sponsored by Gude Stoff


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