Watch Animated Short Films In Mississauga

Watch Animated Short Films from all around the world during March Break in Mississauga. Each march Break Puppet Festival Mississauga features 6 and 20 animated short films, available to watch for free or on demand.

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Hey there! Looking for Something To Do In Mississauga this March Break?

Watch Animated Short Films from all around the world during March Break in Mississauga. We have feature amazing films that are family friendly, representing the best of animation from around the world. These animated short films are selected by a panel of jurors made up of animators and professional film makers, to give you the best short films from all around the world.

What are Short Animated Films

Each Year We select between 6 and 20 animated short films, available to watch for free or on demand. These short animated films can be between one minute and 15 minutes in length. Each film has different styles of animation such as stop-motion animation, puppetry, 3D animation and more. We present these films as part of Puppet Festival Mississauga.

What is Puppet Festival Mississauga?

Puppet Festival Mississauga (formerly named Bridges Festival) is an annual festival of puppetry and animation happening each year during March Break. The festival takes place across the city of Mississauga, Ontario Canada. We carefully curate high-quality events for families from all around the world and across Canada. Our events include live puppet shows, animated films, online and in-person events, workshops, industry events and more activities for families. The festival is organized by Crane Creations Theatre Company, a Mississauga based not-for profit professional theatre company.

What is Animation and What Does Animation have to do with puppetry?

Animation and puppetry bring something to life, that previously did not have life through manipulating to create movement. Animation is born out of puppetry, and the principles of puppetry. Animators use different methods to create movement which you will see in the films we display such as stop motion animation to 3D animation.Animators create this movement by creating pictures frame by frame and then merging those frames together at a high speed to create movement, like a film does.

Who Can Watch These Short Animated Films?

Our short animated films are for all ages. We carefully select and curate these films for a family friendly audience. Some of our films do contain more mature content and we provide recommended ages and advisories for all of our films. If you are watching these films with children or younger audiences, please review the recommended age advisory, information you will find posted next to each film. It is up to your discretion to decide whether the content of the film is appropriate for you and your children.

How Can I Watch Theses Films

There are currently two ways that you can watch our animated short films. We provide our films to watch on demand during our festival. We also project these films on local storefronts in the evenings during the festival.

Watch Animated Shorts On Demand

You can watch all of our films on demand, on our website. All films selected for each year are available to watch starting at 9am on the opening date of our festival, until 11:59pm at the last day of the festival. If you purchase these films to watch on demand, you will have access to all of the films selected for the year. You can watch these films as many times as you would like, as well as choose which ones you would like to watch. Click here to see all of the 12 films we have available to watch on demand for Puppet Festival Mississauga 2023. The total run time of all 12 these films are 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Watch Animated Shorts On Store Front Windows Across Mississauga

Starting from 7pm until 9am of the next day, Puppet Festival Mississauga projects selected short films storefronts of local businesses across the city of Mississauga. Closer to the festival we post all the locations of these storefronts. Our aim is to light up the city of Mississauga at night with beautiful animated films. These films are available to watch for free. If you want to have a movie night with your friends and family, why not check out our animated films, projected on Storefronts across Mississauga. We also sometimes feature our films at other locations other than store front windows, such as photography studios and featured in museums.

Watch The Films At Halo Espresso Bar in Cooksville, Mississauga

Each year, we project short films onto storefront of Halo Espresso Bar in Cooksville, Mississauga. Halo Espresso bar is located on the corner of Hurontario and Dundas. The exact location is 3024 Hurontario St, Mississauga, ON L5B 4M4. At night you can come by and watch our films projected for free, and grab a cup of hot chocolate to enjoy these films with.

What If I Want To Watch The Films After The Festival

Unfortunately, once the festival is over, we are no longer able to showcase our films. Even if you have bought the film on-demand, you cannot watch the film, after the festival has ended.

Who Creates These Short Animated Films

Our Animated films are created by professional animators and film-makers from around the world. Some of are artists are leading animators in their field who have work for companies like Pixar, Disney, Jim Henson Studios, Dreamworks and more. Others are independent film makers who are celebrated and recognized in their respective countries. We also feature films from first-time film-makers and film students. Ultimately it is the work of the artist that gets them into the festival.

Who selects which films feature at Puppet Festival Mississauga?

A panel of professional animators and film makers from across Canada and around the world select these short from. We ensure that our panel of jurors are diverse in their background, gender, field of expertise, age, and where they are in their career.
In 2023, one of our panelists is a Mississauga based artist and graduate of Sheridan college.

Where are the short animated films from?

Our Short animated films at Puppet Festival Mississauga are from all around the world. Over the years, we have featured short animated films from the following countries.


Animated Films from these countries are featured in our festival in 2022.

United Kingdom, Denmark, Peru, Canada, Australia, Spain, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Netherlands, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Malaysia and Germany.


Animated Films from these countries are featured in our festival in 2023.

Canada, United States of America, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Belgium, Iran, Israel, Switzerland and Italy.

How Can I Participate In Animated Shorts At Puppet Festival Mississauga

There are many different ways to participate at Puppet Festival Mississauga. If you are a are a professional film maker, animation enthusiast or want experience in the the world of puppetry and animation, we have something for you.

Sit On A Jury

We always welcome people to volunteer to sit on our jury. If you are an animated film enthusiast and want to see the best of film from around the world, contact us.

Submit Your Film

Are you an animation film maker. Submit to our festival. Each year we post submission call on FilmFreeway. To learn more click here.


Our festival wouldn’t be possible without the massive support we receive from our volunteers. Volunteers help us by distributing flyers, assisting visiting artists as they find their way around town, helping to give out programs to audience members, helping with social media and many other activities. Many of our volunteers are students who find Puppet Festival Mississauga an easy way to get their 40 volunteer hours completed. 

Sit On An Animators Panel

We invite animators to sit on panels during Puppet Festival Mississauga. If you would like to sit on a panel contact us.

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