Puppet Festival Mississauga Presents

Puppet Slam 2024

This variety puppet show is a unique night out you and your friends will not want to miss! Come jam at the Puppet Slam!

Puppets Are Not Just For Kids

Puppetry is one of the oldest and art forms in the world  traditions in virtually every continent in the world. It exists everywhere around you and is helping to push the limits of technological advancement. From the computer games you play, AI, and robots, puppetry is the future!
Puppet Festival Mississauga  is an international festival of puppetry and animation.
Puppet Festival Mississauga presents international award-winning puppet shows, that celebrate the tradition of puppetry, while also advancing the evolution of puppetry as an artistic practice. 

Are You An Artist?

Puppet Festival Mississauga is the place to be with tons of events for artists!

  • Shows From Across Canada and Around The World
  • Panels and Workshops
  • Networking Events 
  • Opportunities to Sell Your Work
Peperangan Bintang, Crane Creations Bridges Festival

Holiday Special

Gift unforgettable memories This Christmas. Receive a special offer on all puppet shows.

62% off

ends 12/20/2023

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