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Marketing Workshop


Learn to successfully market for your company

March 2021


Puppet Podcast Marketing - Crane Creations Theatre Company


1 Hour


Due to current restrictions, we have made all the programming available to watch online.

This event has ended

About this workshop

Join the hosts of Puppet Podcast as they discuss their experience with Social Media Marketing, and how they believe artists can grow their audience, reach and careers through digital media.

Marketing Workshop - Crane Creations Theatre Company
Marketing Workshop - Crane Creations Theatre Company

About the company

The Puppet Podcast is first and foremost, a way to discover the people behind the puppets and how they got their crush for the art of puppetry. How do these professionals define this art? What are their dreams for the future as puppeteers? How is creating and/or manipulating these puppets is helping them move towards their goals?

Every week, Caroline interviews a new puppeteer from around the world and asks the “deep” questions of the Puppet Podcast to dive into the universe of this artist.

With their Patreon Community, the Puppet Podcast also offers monthly workshops for puppet lovers about: puppet building, puppet shows streaming, online promotion and much more.

Since August 2020, they started offering business and marketing coaching to help puppeteers, entertainers and educators promote their services online and gain more visibility. Their coaching students are crushing it!


Caroline Bernier-Dionne

Puppet Podcast Host
Puppet Podcast Co-Founder

From Montreal, Canada, Caroline is a multidisciplinary artist trained as a professional actress in college. She connected with puppetry at the beginning of her career and got involve with many projects from giant puppets trough touring all around Quebec province (French part of Canada).

From commercials to series, she participated to interesting shooting sets with great directors before falling in the world of Cirque du Soleil who brought her in a North-American Tour prior to the pandemic. Her role was to manipulate a giant robot-dog on ice in a show called AXEL. In fact, Caroline has a figure skating training background, and she also is able to play characters on stilts. Back in 2019, she got the chance to develop her own puppeteer style as she was selected to receive a grant from the City of Montreal to create a play at the Puppet Show Place Theater in Boston, Massachussetts.

As she was touring in the USA with Cirque du Soleil, she started the “Puppet Podcast” back in October 2019 and she has done more than 83 episodes so far. With the Patreon platform, she also organized online workshops every month to help the puppeteer’s community with building puppets, streaming online shows and how get discovered on social medias with different marketing tips from her partner Elie Castonguay.

Elie Castonguay

Social Media/Business Coach
Puppet Podcast Co-Founder

Élie has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from HEC Montreal and has been working to help artists for many years now as a marketing strategist and social media manager. He did multiple kind of trainings about social media management and advertising totaling over two hundred hours. He had a very successful business online on eBay generating 6 figures in sales in recent years. He is currently coaching a dozen of puppeteers, entertainers and educators on how to gain more visibility online and get more bookings for virtual shows and workshops. He is the “Marketing Genius” behind the exponential growth of the Puppet Podcast and still continues to find new ways to help this podcast reach new audiences all over the world.

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