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Old Man and the River


A WeeFestival Production




Old Man And The River - Crane Creations Theatre Company


30 Minutes


Due to current restrictions, we have made all the programming available to watch online.

A grumpy little old man lives in his little house in the woods by the river. Every day is the same and he likes it this way until one day, a magical creature leaps into his world and everything changes! This beautifully designed puppetry work performed without words to an enchanting musical score, reveals a storybook world where rivers sing, trees laugh, and curious dragonflies come to visit. With its themes of friendship, communication, play, adjusting to change, Old Man and the River is perfect for the youngest theatregoer.

Old Man and the River was developed and premiered by Theatre Direct as part of the 2014 WeeFestival of Arts & Culture for Early Years. Since then, it has performed for thousands of children and their families in Toronto, throughout Ontario and across Canada.

Old Man and the River has toured throughout Canada and has received unanimous praise from children, parents, grandparents, and teachers for its artistry and engaging story. Old Man and the River is the perfect introduction to theatre for the very young. 

Performed by Kira Hall, Ingrid Hansen, Mike Petersen, Andrew Young


Old Man and the River

A WeeFestival Production

Created by Lynda Hill and Thomas Morgan Jones

Inspired by the story by Thomas Morgan Jones

Concept, Dramaturgy andDirection by Lynda Hill

Original Design by Kelly Wolf

Original Music by Nicky Phillips

Lighting Design by Jennifer Lennon

Puppetry by Mike Peterson and Eric Woolfe

Photography By: Naz Afsahi

Performed by Kira Hall, Ingrid Hansen, Mike Petersen, Andrew Young

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