Created by Les Panachés


March 2021


Two Giant puppets dancing with people while bright LED strips border their head, arms and feet.


15 Minutes


This presentation requires you to have fun and move your body!


Performing at the Port Credit Square, Mississauga.

Get Up! Dance! and Move!

Choreographies, hypnotic movements, figurative constructions are Fred & Carl’s favourite tools. Through unifying artistic projects under the name of SHAKE, they explore how movement and light breathe together. Everywhere their playful luminescent strangenesses go, they encourage crowds to dance and marvel!


Old Man and the River
Created by Lynda Hill and Thomas Morgan Jones
Inspired by the story by Thomas Morgan Jones
Concept, Dramaturgy and Direction by Lynda Hill
Original Design by Kelly Wolf
Original Music by Nicky Phillips
Lighting Design by Jennifer Lennon
Puppetry by Mike Peterson and Eric Woolfe

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