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Industry Meet-up

all Around the world

Meet your fellow puppeteers and make connections!

March 2021




1 Hour 30 Minutes


Due to current restrictions, we have made all the programming available to watch online.

About the panel

The arts industry is small, but the puppetry industry is even smaller!

We believe that connecting like-minded puppeteers and sharing our work, our processes, our successes and our failures make us stronger as a community.

Join us for an online meet-up to interact with artists you know and some you may have never met. Learn about each other so that online promotion and sharing of work comes more naturally; you’ll actually know the person whose picture you are sharing!

Don’t worry! While, of course, this meet up is online, we will be using breakout rooms that participants can navigate as they choose, so that you can talk to whoever you would like to.

Get excited to talk about puppets with others who love puppets as much as you do!

Connecting and making big plans will allow us to make a huge comeback as an industry once l we are able to have live shows again.

We can’t wait to meet you!


This meetup is held by Crane Creations Theatre Company as part of Bridges Festival.

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