Alenka Blake
Alenka Blake is a translator working on the first time English Translation of Ivan Cankar’s works from Slovene. They have completed the translation of the play The King of Betajnova (Kralj na Betajnovi). Read more about them below.
About Alenka

Alenka Blake is a high school teacher of English and German in Slovenia. For over twenty years she has been teaching, while also co-translating works of literature, picture books for children, and scholarly publications (among them, Irena Avsenik Nabergoj’s Longing, Weakness and Temptation: From Myth to Artistic Creations). All this time she has been interested in bringing innovative approaches into her classroom by teaching English and German through music, film and literature. She is also keen on observing cultural differences in translation as well as mediating these in her teaching, as well as in the reading group she has led for students about to head to university.


Work translated by Alenka
About the book

In King of Betajnova (1902, originally Kralj na Betajnovi), Ivan Cankar touches upon universal human traits portraying all levels of society in the rural village of Betajnova.


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