Catching Spirit

An Animated Short Film

Najib Basirun Puppet Festival Mississauga Crane Creations Theatre Company
Najib Basirun

Catching Spirit

An Animated Short Film

Najib Basirun Puppet Festival Mississauga Crane Creations Theatre Company
Najib Basirun

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Nightly: March 8 to March 15 2023 


Halo Espresso Bar  & Studio Paint Bar

Recomended Audience

Please Note The Total Run Time of all 12 Films is 1hr 30 minutes.  



About the Show

Warni has been a paddy field farmer for as long as she can remember. One day, as she was wrapping up work, she saw the appearance of a spirit in the midst of her paddy fields, eating her crop. Acting quickly, she tries to get rid of the supernatural pest.


  • Najib Basirun
  • Dini Adriana
  • Maria Danelle
  • Fauwaz Shukry
  • Hafizzul Iman

About the Team.

We are all students of Diploma of Animation at UiTM College of Creative Arts.

An Interview with Najib Basirun.

I remember growing up so close to people telling their stories; from my dad, films, comics, games, and Youtube videos. I used to wonder why I love consuming them so much, and I realized that all those things that I still love today connect me to people. That’s when I realized what I love doing, connecting with people through stories! In the future, I would love to tell more of my stories that represent the culture and place of where I come from. I want to see more characters that look like my friends and me and to have those opportunities one day would already make me feel like I have a successful career because I get to inspire the kids, that were once like me, who love stories.

How did you get involved in working in film and animation?

I have always told stories of my creation through many different mediums; writing, photo editing, video producing, and more. So I thought: why not try animating next?

What is one piece of advice you could give who is interested in going into film and animation?

Have a growth mindset, you are going to be constantly learning in this industry.

Why do you love animation?

It’s a medium of storytelling that lets me be creative with no limits.

What is an animated film, you highly recommend someone see?

The House on Netflix.

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