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In the highest part of a city rises a statue of the Happy Prince. Although the prince admired by all inhabitants of the city he protects, he is sad. What is the secret behind his tears?

Inspired on the love for his two children, the famous poet and playwright Oscar Wilde started to write stories for children and in 1888 published one of the most beautiful and unforgettable children stories, The Happy Prince.

The Happy Prince tells a story of friendship between a statue and a swallow, two selfless and tender beings, who through their companionship overcome death.

The Happy Prince is presented by Maika Theater using table puppets and Shadow Theater.


  • Direction and animation: Alfredo Payán
  • Production: Sara Don
  • Puppet Elaboration: Juan Carlos Andino, Alfredo Payán
  • Scenography: Sergio Olmos, Iván Romo and Alfredo Payán
  • Original Music: Said Ramos and Noé Castro

About The Creators

Maika Theatre assembled in2007 as an experimental project in the fields of puppetry and object
theatre. Since 2007 the group has toured in different cities across Mexico, as well as Guatemala (2010), Honduras (2010), Cuba (2014), Peru (2014), Colombia (2014) and Argentina (2015) with shows and workshops.

Aside from their theatrical productions, Maika Theatre also offers workshops in animation of puppets and objects theater. The company has incorporates multimedia art and puppetry through the interactive project “Cookbook for Animated Toys”, supported by the National Consensus for Culture and Arts’ (CONACULTA, Mexico) Program of Creative Incentives and Artistic Development (PECDA), year 2008 – 2009. The company has received support on two occasions by the National Fund for Culture and
Arts in the Scenic Creators in 2013 and 2019.

In 2020, the group worked on the “Training project for new puppeteers” in Durango, Mexico
and recently presented its new production: Pai’kam.

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