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Silence! the Court is in Session


Vijay Tendulkar was born on January 6, 1928, and died on May 19, 2008. He was the leading playwright in India, mainly based in Marathi. He is credited as one of India’s greatest playwrights, his plays established him as a brilliant writer of plays with both contemporary and unconventional themes. A lot of his plays are inspired by real-life incidents or social upheavals. Tendulkar was highly influential for theatre personalities in Mahārāshtra for over five decades.  


The play is about a group of teachers who have a performance for a mock trial, though on the day of the performance they find out one of their troupe’s members is missing – so they bring on a stage-hand, Samant. An improvised, free-flowing “rehearsal” is arranged and a mock trial is staged to make the stage-hand understand court procedures. Miss Benare, one of the cast members and a young school teacher, has received a mock charge of infanticide, the killing of an infant. As the trial continues, it becomes more and more dramatic and revealing.

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