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Gianina Carbunariu


Gianina Carbunariu is a Romanian playwright whose work focuses on political issues that face the world. For example, one of her shows 20/20  is about ethnic class issues that took place in March of 1990 between the Romanians and Hungarians in T. Mures, Transylvania. Her play, Sold Out revolves around the “selling” of German citizens from Romania to the German state in the 1970s and 80s. She is known to take a lot of political issues and make them into plays making a political statement in an impactful and memorable way. She is the manager of Teatrul Tineretului and the Curator of the Theatre Festival in Piatra Neamt, Romania since 2017.


The play follows Madalina who, with her boyfriend, is moving to Dublin to start a new life. She ends up working in a Kebab shop until her boyfriend, Voicu, suggests there is a better more well-paying job they could do. This new career starts with a Romanian art student, Bogdan. Together they try to make a rich living until Madalina has to decide between the two men. 

Kebab is a story about the harsher realities new immigrants can face and explores what a person is willing to do to make a better life for themselves.

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