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Wajdi Mouawad is a Lebanese-Canadian writer, actor and director. He is known for making politically engaged work. His work often surrounds topics of family trauma, war, and the betrayal of youth. He has won many awards for both his writing and directing. He has won many awards for his writing and directing including the 2000 Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama, and the 2004 Prix de la Francophonie (“Prize of the five continents of the francophonie”). Wajdi Mouawad was the Artistic Director of the National Arts Centre French Theatre


Wajdi Mouawad’s play, Scorched is about two twins, Jeanne (Janine in the English translation) and Simon, who try to discover the mystery of their late mother’s life. When they lose their mother, the twins are left with a difficult journey that sends them to the Middle East in search of their roots and a long-lost brother. 

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“It is no longer a passion hidden in my heart: It is Venus herself fastened

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