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Bashir Lazhar


Évelyne de la Chenelière is a Canadian writer and actress who was born in 1975. She is mostly based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She graduated from a private Catholic college for girls called, Villa Maria in 1992. She then studied theatre at Ecole Michel-Granvale in Paris, France. In 2000, her production of Des fraises en Janvier premiered won her a Masques Award for the best original script. Another one of her well-known plays is  Désordre public, which won her the  Governor General’s Award for French-language drama back in 2006. 


The play surrounds a teacher from Algeria who has replaced a recent teacher who has killed herself. He now has to teach this class, deal with his own family memories and the cultural conflicts that arise, as well as help the students cope as they go through this difficult time. It is a story about the established educational model in several schools today. It is a short play that reflects on the dilemma the children of education face. 

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