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"It is no longer a passion hidden in my heart: It is Venus herself fastened to her prey.“
Play Date Phaedra


Jean Baptiste-Racine, is a french dramatist and playwright. He was born on December 22 1639 and died 16 April 1699. Jean Baptiste-Racine is viewed as one of the three great playwrights of 17th century France along with Pierre Corneille and Moliere, and one of the most important figure in world literature.


Phaedra or Phèdre, written by Jean Racine, is a 5 act tragedy based on ancient greek mythology. Pheadra is about the tragic downfall of a noble family, and the forbidden love, dark secrets, passion and intrigue surrounding their demise. Phaedra is written in alexandrine verse, meaning each line has 12 syllables with major stress on the sixth syllable. Pheadra is considered one of the masterful works of western dramatic literature. Voltaire has called it “the masterpiece of the human mind”.


Play Date is a monthly play reading activity, held on the third Thursday of each month.  We read one play from around the world together. The play reading is followed by a group discussion about the play. Anyone is welcome to join and practice reading out loud, regardless of experience or level of English comprehension. With Play Date, learning English becomes fun. This is a place where you can practice speaking out loud, expand your vocabulary and meet new people. Play Date is produced by Crane Creations Theatre Company. Crane Creations is an immigrant led professional theatre company located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Join us for our next Play Date! 

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