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Monthly play reading activity aiming to spread awareness, and increase appreciation of playwrights and playwriting from around the world. Anyone is welcome to join, and read regardless of play reading or language skills. The session will be followed by a discussion led by a professional theatre artist to spark conversations about the themes, style, form, and current world issues related to the selected play. 

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Third Thursday of the Month

7:00PM - 9:30PM

The Women


Clare Booth Luce was an American writer, politician, US ambassador to Italy and a public conservative figure. As a writer, her most well known work was her 1936 play, “The Women”. In 1942, she won a republican seat in the US house of representatives. In 1953, she became the US ambassador to Italy where she was soon accepted by the community. In 1959, she almost became the ambassador to Brazil. Afterwards, she was the first woman member of congress to have received the presidential medal of freedom. She died of brain cancer on October 9, 1987.


The Women premiered on December 26, 1936 and has an only female cast. It is an entry in the genre known as a comedy of errors which means “it displays a series of events made ridiculous by the number of errors that were made throughout ”. Comedy of Errors – Websters Dictionary

It is a satire of aristocratic society in the late 1600s. The play is about wealthy Manhattan socialites and their power struggles and the gossip that spreads. The play has no male characters that appear on stage even though they are mentioned. The play has been adapted into 3 different movies; one in 1939, another in 1956, and a final one in 2008.


Play Date is a monthly play reading activity, held on the third Thursday of each month.  We read one play from around the world together. The play reading is followed by a group discussion about the play. Anyone is welcome to join and practice reading out loud, regardless of experience or level of English comprehension. With Play Date, learning English becomes fun. This is a place where you can practice speaking out loud, expand your vocabulary and meet new people. Play Date is produced by Crane Creations Theatre Company. Crane Creations is an immigrant led professional theatre company located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Join us for our next Play Date! 

Reading a play is like venturing into a new world.

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Most frequently asked questions and answers

No, there is no need to purchase the play in order to participate in the play reading, although we strongly encourage you to supporting the livelihood of playwrights by purchasing their published work. For the purpose of Play Date read, we have obtained a permission of the playwrights to read their work and you will be provided with access to it on the day of the read. Please do consider supporting playwright by either purchasing the play, attending a show in the future or donating. Thank you.

Absolutely! If you would like to join us for one session just to see how it goes, feel free.

You are trying something new! Yay! No need to prepare anything, we will explain how things go during our event. If you have any special requests, or accessibility needs, please e-mail us at:

Of course you can! Join us for a Play Date, and enter your suggested play in the survey at the end of the session. Our team will read the play, contact the playwright (if the play is still under copyright) and add find a way how to add it to the schedule.

Each Play Date we share the roles based on how many characters are in the story, and how many participants we have. 

Don’t worry. There is no pressure! This is your time to practice, and fail without judgement. People of all levels are welcome to join. 

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