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A Fight Against…

"Look. In the middle of the inferno...a community."


A Fight Against… is written by Pablo Manzi. Pablo Manzi is a playwright from Chile, South America. In his interview, with the Royal Court Theatre, he mentions that growing up he didn’t have many opportunities to get into playwriting, but because of the love he had for theatre, he kept writing and his perspective of writing is always from an actor’s point of view. BONOBO his own theatre company, helped Pablo to develop writing skills and helped with his playwright career. His plays have been staged all around the world and translated into different languages. He was invited by the Royal Court theater and the British Council to do a residency in London where he wrote A Fight Against directed by Sam Pritchard.


A student assaults a female teacher and a Mexican hangman is out of a job. Two Chilean border guards battle the cold while waiting to stop illegal immigration from Peru. A group of white nationalists have an existential crisis after driving everyone but themselves out of their small American town. A fun night out at a night club goes horribly wrong. What purpose does violence have in our communities? In this dark surreal comedy, A Fight Against asks whether violence brings people together or drives them apart?


Play Date is a monthly play reading activity, held on the third Thursday of each month.  We read one play from around the world together. The play reading is followed by a group discussion about the play. Anyone is welcome to join and practice reading out loud, regardless of experience or level of English comprehension. With Play Date, learning English becomes fun. This is a place where you can practice speaking out loud, expand your vocabulary and meet new people. Play Date is produced by Crane Creations Theatre Company. Crane Creations is an immigrant led professional theatre company located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Join us for our next Play Date! 

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