Volunteers Needed

Artists Hired Full Time
Racialized Groups

The Role

The Chair of The Board is responsible for overseeing all other board members, presiding over meetings, appointing committees, practicing good governance and ensuring the responsibilities of the board are carried out.

Type of Engagement:


Start Date:

First Board Meeting Proceeding AGM 2024 



Job Description

Reports to

Board of Directors, Members of the Corporation


  • Attends and leads the Board Meetings
  • Encourages constructive decision making by ensuring the debate stays on topic, and discussions serve efficient and constrictive decision making
  • Reads meeting minutes from previous Board meeting
  • Leads board to fulfill its responsibilities
  • Signs off on board agenda 
  • Signs grant proposals and contracts when/if needed
  • Works with the rest of the Board members in structuring board committees
  • Works with the rest of the Board members in hiring, firing, and supervising the Artistic and Managing Director, and other roles
  • Reviews the budget, annual plans and annual reports 
  • Acts as spokesperson for the Board and the corporation
  • Participates in committees 


Ensures the growth and continuation of the corporation is run in accordance with the law and the bylaws of the corporation. 

Hours monthly/weekly/annually

1 hour per month

How To Apply

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