James Hyett
James Hyett is a translator working on the first time English Translation of Ivan Cankar’s works from Slovene. They have completed the edits on the full Cankar Collection. Read more about them below.
About James

James Hyett is a British Canadian editor, actor, and linguist from Kingston, Ontario, who is currently living in Toronto. His editing work has included working for the Government of Canada at the Translation Bureau in Québec City, as well as proofreading a collection of original English-language poetry and a novel. He has also been a contributor to the English, French, and Scots Wikipedias since 2017. With Dr. Carol Percy of the University of Toronto, he co-authored a paper on the use of “you was” in standard English in the early eighteenth century, using playscripts as primary sources of linguistic data (this paper will appear in the proceedings of the 20th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics, forthcoming). He has also written problems for the North American Computational Linguistics Open Competition, including Phở Bar (2017) and Signs from Above (2016)– a modified version of the latter appears in Alex Bellos’ The Language Lover’s Puzzle Book (2020). James has a BA (Hons) in linguistics and theatre from the University of Toronto (UC ’18), as well as an MA in classical acting from LAMDA. Find out more at https://jameshyett.com


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