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Celine Daaboul, a 19-year-old Canadian Middle Eastern actress and singer from Richmondhill, Ontario, found her passion for theatre through Old Hollywood movies featuring icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Despite limited artistic opportunities in her upbringing, she embarked on her acting journey at the age of 6, playing a cat in a play she can’t recall. Currently studying devised theatre at York University, Celine remains dedicated to her craft. Alongside acting, she nurtures her love for rock and jazz music, exploring songwriting and music production. In her leisure time, she cherishes moments with her family, her beloved dog, and her record store adventures. Additionally, she diligently trains in film acting, aspiring to broaden her horizons by travelling to new places and connecting with inspiring individuals in the industry. Celine holds high hopes for her future as an actress, driven by her passion and determination.

Summer Ensemble

Celine has recently become part of the Crane Creations Theatre‘s prestigious Summer Ensemble 2023 as an actor. This unique program offers aspiring artists in the Canadian theatre industry unparalleled work experience. The Summer Ensemble specifically recruits talented individuals aged 18 to 30, providing them with intensive, full-time training over several weeks. Participants not only acquire valuable skills but also gain invaluable experience in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

Celine is now collaborating with other talented actors, including Nikolai Afanasev, Marie Barros, Reymark Andres, Sofia Farahani, Kay Vukelic, Boro Milosevic, and Hope Van Der Merwe who will together be creating an exciting and dynamic collaborative environment. Meet the rest of the Summer Ensemble 2023 team.

What Will Celine Gain In This Arts Job?

Artistic Skills: Explore classical and contemporary text, improvisation, and theatre around the world and their relevance and impact on art jobs and society today.

Orientation in Arts Jobs: Honest insight into professional organizations, structures and systems in place and how to navigate them successfully

Financial Skills: Budgeting and financial literacy delivered in a comprehensible and easy to understand way, tailored for theatre artists’ needs.

Leadership: Debate complex questions and develop ideas and strategies on how to build not only your career but the theatre ecosystem in Canada and Internationally.

Touring in Arts: Discover how artists around the world use international touring as a source of income, and learn how to create shows that can allow you to participate in that market.

Digital Skills: Discover how blog/content writing can earn you additional income, and promote your work, while mastering WordPress, one of the most desired skills in today’s job market.


Celine first began studying acting in depth in high school, where she was a part of her school’s drama program. She learned a great deal from her drama teacher including comedic timing, paying attention to punctuation, and projection. Currently, she studies at York University in devised theatre. She also trained at Ovation! Acting school in film acting.

About Celine. An Interview with Celine.

Where Are You From Originally? What is your favourite thing about your home town?

I grew up in Richmondhill Ontario. Growing up I remember feeling very bored all the time and wishing that I was born somewhere cooler like New York or Los Angeles. Over time, I’ve grown to love where I’m from because it’s home to my family friends and memories. I was a very hyper child, I wanted to be everybody’s friend and I always wanted to play. But I also think sometimes I would act very grown up for my age!

My favourite thing about my home town is how people make something out of nothing. There’s not a lot to do but I see people hanging out at places like Walmart and making the best out of it. Me and my friends hang out at the weirdest places but it’s still fun.

Do You Have A Favourite Book?

My favourite book is Ariel which is a collection of Sylvia Plath’s poems. I think I’m a little bit obsessed with the way she writes and her as a person. She had a very sad life, but there is a lot of beautiful feminist rage in her work that I feel is hard to come by.

Do You Have Any Hobbies?

I constantly explore new hobbies, and recently I’ve been immersed in music production, which has proven useful. Music is my passion—I enjoy creating, analyzing, and discovering new artists. I have an extensive collection of vinyl records. Writing and reading poetry also brings me joy. Despite my limited cooking skills, I find it enjoyable, especially making Mac and Cheese and brownies. Though infrequent, I do write short stories and I’m currently engrossed in an unfinished play. Reading novels and comic books captivates me. Dogs hold a special place in my heart, and I relish walking my own and meeting other furry companions. They bring immense happiness and I believe one can never have too many dogs. My canine companion is my closest friend, and I treasure our time together. In my leisure time, I prioritize restful sleep, recognizing its significance as we grow older.

Do You Have A Favourite Food? Do you have a secret recipe?

My favourite food to eat is fajitas!

I am a terrible cook and I don’t do it very often, but I love to go to Menchie’s and have their frozen yogurt. I get the big cup and mix some of their mango flavour and cherry flavour, then I top it with watermelon candy and fuzzy peaches!

We are a company that speaks many different languages. What languages do you speak?

I can speak a bit of Arabic and understand it pretty well, the same with French.

Is there a skill you have always wanted to learn?

I have always wanted to learn how to knit! Krysten Ritter is one of my favourite actresses and I always see her knitting on her social media. I would love to be able to knit my dog a cute sweater or some boots! It also seems super calming and fulfilling. I hope that one day I can learn how to do it well. I would also learn how to ride a bike because I never learned but I’m hoping that by the end of this year, I will.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would your travel?

If I could go anywhere, I would go to Japan! I have always wanted to go there my whole life. They have a snoopy cafe and museum that I would love to visit. They also have real-life Mario Kart racing. I would love to see the cherry blossom trees. I hope one day I can go there!

What is one project you worked on that you are proud of?

One of my best friends recently wrote a play and I got to participate in the staged reading of it which was such a lovely experience. They are super talented and I got to bring a really whacky character to life. I played a green monster lady who wanted to fit in with people from a small town, and the comedy in the play was hysterical.

Do you have any advice for aspiring actors?

My advice for someone aspiring to be an actor would be to never quit. I still have to remind myself about this every single day, but your career is not going to be following the same path as a doctor or engineer. There is no linear path. Yes, sometimes people from ur old school will be doing great and you may still be figuring things out, but that is absolutely okay. If you have a passion for this, you should pursue it no matter what. It’ll be ok. Don’t compare yourself to people in your field either. It’s not worth it and it will only make you feel upset and not good enough. You are good enough. No matter what training you have, no matter where you come from, your voice deserves to be heard and you are just as capable as the person next to you. Be kind and be a good person and opportunities will come to you if you’re patient. Don’t panic and get yourself down. Most importantly, stay true to who you are and don’t allow yourself to change for anyone. If they can’t see how great you are that’s their issue.


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