Bénédicte Mbaididje

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Benedicte Mbaididje posing while looking to their top right for a photo by a black door at the Crane Creations Theatre Company studio

Bénédicte Mbaididje

Ensemble Participant: Actor

Bénédicte Mbaididje, a 2019 Summer Ensemble participant, is a recent graduate of the Dawson College acting program and is currently enrolled in Drama at The University of Toronto – Mississauga.

Select credits include:

  • Erica in Bad Guys
  • Alice in You Can’t Take it With You and
  • Lady Lucas/Maggie in Pride and Prejudice.

Bénédicte is bilingual, and her last name, Mbaididje means “King of Rain”. I’m Ngambay and it has rained every year on her birthday. So, its fair to conclude, she is royalty.

Crane Creations mandate is focused on exchanging different global theatre practices, as well as being a bridge between different communities, which is something that I definitely felt while working here. Not only did the ensemble reflect the multiculturalism of our city, we also talked a lot of theatres outside of our known North American style.

Benedicte is one of our  many talented and inspiring 2019 summer ensemble participant.  Meet her peer: Tanisha Amara!

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