Mikayla Miyashita

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Mikayla Miyashita is a Canadian actor, and participant in Summer Ensemble 2022.

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Our Board, Core Team, Summer Ensemble, Artists, Volunteers past and present make us who we are.  Meet all of the amazing people who work with us. 

Photo of Delia Clark Bautista, participant of the 2022 Summer Ensemble at Crane Creations Theatre in Mississauga, Ontario.

Delia Clark-Bautista

Delia Clark-Bautista (she/her) is an actor, dancer, and singer training at Sheridan College’s Honours Bachelor of Music Theatre Program. She is inspired by the infinite ways to tell a story and bring people together through different forms of performing arts.

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A Asian yonge man, short black hair, wearing a gray short sleeve t-shirt.

Reymark Andres

Reymark Andres, a Filipino-Canadian actor and singer and is currently pursuing a BFA at ATU after studying at St. Clair College.

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Arabelle Samaniego

Arabelle Samaniego also known as her nickname “Belle” is a Filipino-Canadian artist who currently resides in Mississauga. She is a core team member of Crane Creations Theatre Company.

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