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Michael Martins is an actor who first began his career in 2016 at the Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television, then moving on to The Second City to study and train improv and participated in Crane Creations’ 2022 Summer Ensemble program. Since then, he has appeared in short films, student films, a feature film and a TV series. He also recently wrote, directed, and starred in his first short film “Happiness.” He has always had a passion for flying and prior to becoming an actor, he was training at Island Air Flight School to become a commercial pilot.


Michael Martins’ educational experience began at Toronto Academy of Acting. It was a great way to create a strong foundation by learning many different aspects of the industry and how they work. He learned by paying attention to detail, being open minded, learning how to work both collectively and on his own. Acting on camera, Script Analysis, Voice and Movement, Commercials are some of the categories which he gained thorough knowledge and experience. Since graduating, he’s been invited to workshops to discuss the fundamentals to new and emerging actors.


Past Theatre Experience

Michael Martins first began theatre in high school with small plays. In 2018 he attended The Second City Improv for one year and performed in a variety of shows upon finishing. Here, he learned useful skills and techniques such as supporting others’ ideas and choices, creating many different unique characters and learning how to use and understand the stage space correctly. These skills are vital because it enables him to constantly be ready for anything at any given moment. He has also performed in the Toronto Monologue Slam, competing against different artists. He trained at Crane Creations Theatre Company in Mississauga.

Summer Ensemble

Michael Martins was part of the fourth annual Summer Ensemble. He is a member of Crane Creations Theatre Company’s 2022 Summer Ensemble.

The Summer Ensemble is an 8 week training program for theatre artists. In this paid working opportunity artists learn skills required to be a professional artist in Canada, and gain valuable insights into the theatre industry in Canada and abroad. To apply, artists must be between 18 and 30 years of age. 

Michael Martins as an Actor

Why did you decide to become an actor?

I decided to be an actor because growing up I struggled in knowing which profession I wanted to pursue exactly for my entire life. The beautiful part in being an actor is that I don’t have to make that choice. I can be any profession I want as an actor in my own world, while at the same time being no one in real life.

In your opinion what does being an actor mean?

Being an actor to me means studying all aspects of humans and examining their thought process in depth to fully comprehend their decision making and emotions.

How do you prepare for a role?

Besides memorizing the dialogue, the way I prepare for a role is by doing thorough research into characters. Never judging them for their thoughts and actions but instead asking yourself intriguing questions that enables you to fully understand their thought process. Lastly, be specific in your choices and don’t be afraid to take risks.

Imagine you are speaking to someone who knows nothing about your field. How do you become an actor?

You become an actor by taking classes, working hard, always treating others with respect, being passionate about art and finding the beauty in everything that we do. Being open minded and constantly seeking to challenge yourself with new experiences. Reading, watching plays and movies while paying close attention to detail.

What is the difference between acting for film and acting for theatre?

The difference between acting in film and theatre is that in film, all your movement, expression and emotion tends to be smaller to appeal the camera. Whereas in theatre, because it’s a big space and there are many people in the room, you often need to play everything bigger so that people in the back row can know what it is going on.

An Interview With Michael Martins.

What is your favourite part of the Summer Ensemble?

My favourite part of the Summer Ensemble so far has been, being in an environment with strongly driven artists. It pushes me to become better and creates a space where I am happy and comfortable to both learn and work.

How can you describe Summer Ensemble in one sentence?

Summer Ensemble is a community where you’re able to be yourself while learning many different aspects within the Theatre Industry.

Where are you from?

I am from Toronto.

What is your favourite thing about your hometown?

My favourite thing about my hometown is how diverse it is. There are many different people from all parts of the world who come together and learn to live as one. This creates a variety of different communities and businesses which allows you to connect easier with people and brings many different cultures and foods.

What are your favourite plays and why?

My favourite play is Fences, by August Miller. I really love this play because the main theme surrounding the play is family. It was a play that I was able to relate too and easily connect with. It shows great character depth, emotional vulnerability and strong conflicts that are not easily solved.

What are your hobbies?

My favourite hobbies are playing sports and watching movies. Ever since I was in elementary school, I have played soccer. I have played in many teams and leagues and was at one point training to becoming professional. I consider soccer a universal language. It contains true beauty in the sense that people from different parts of the world come together to both play and watch. When I am playing soccer or watching it, for 90 minutes, I can forget all the problems that exist in my life. In a way, it is therapeutic for me. Movies have also played an important role in my life. Growing up I would watch many films and looked up to actors such as Jim Carrey and Denzel Washington, and still do, to this day. What I love about watching films, is that there is an endless number of interpretations and lessons to be learned and shared. I feel like they play an important role in the world by bringing to light important personal stories that otherwise would be left unknown.

What is your favourite food?

My favourite food to eat is Lamb with vegetables.

What is your favourite food to make?

My favourite food to make is Lasagna. I really like cheese.

Where is your favourite place to eat?

My favourite place to eat is at a portuguese Grill House called Bairada.

What languages do you speak?

I speak English and Portuguese.

What is a new skill you want to learn?

I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano and learn how to read music. When I was smaller I took some classes, and know some basic things but I would love to learn more.

Where would you travel if you could?

If I could travel anywhere in the world, it would be Portugal. Having been raised from a strong family-oriented background, it is something that has always meant a lot to me. Besides my immediate family, all my family lives there. Oh, the beaches and food as well.

What is a fun fact about you?

One fun fact about myself is that I once cycled up a mountain in Portugal. It was 8km long and took me 45 minutes.

How did you get into theatre?

My journey in theatre began in 2018 when I started training improv at The Second City. It gave me a great foundation and introduction on how to preform in front of a live audience. Creating many different and unique characters with little to no preparation was challenging but extremely rewarding when done correctly. It also taught me the importance of environment, by making us focus on minor details and using the space in an imaginative way. Lastly, I loved that it trained me to think quickly on my feet and adapt to different situations where emotions and characters and were rapidly changing.

Why is theatre important?

Theatre is important because it is a unique way of showing art. I believe someone should go see a play over watching a movie because it offers a different dynamic. Seeing different characters come to life firsthand in person, connects with the audience in an intimate way that film can’t offer.

What is one project you were proud of?

Upon leaving Second City, I entered an improv show with a troop of friends. I was particularly proud of this because it was only my second time performing in front of a live audience. Hearing positive reactions from the crowd and their infectious laughter was the perfect reward, and was everything I could ask for.

Do you have any advice for aspiring theatre artists?

My advice for aspiring theatre artists would be to look at life as if it were a play. Every moment in our daily lives can be considered and interpreted as art in some way shape or form. Always being open minded to new ideas and striving to find different perspectives in stories, characters and emotions. It’s imperative to know and understand what exactly empathy means, in order to connect physically, spiritually and emotionally with people. Seek to always challenge and push yourself by embracing conflict instead of running away from it and know that every time you step on that stage to transform into another human being and their thoughts, is a privilege we must not take for granted.


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