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Who is Tanisha Amara?

Tanisha Amara is a BIPOC Canadian actor, an independent theatre and film actor. Tanisha has training from Armstrong Acting Studios, Fraser Studios and the Anthony Meindl Acting Studio. She is a member of Crane Creations Theatre Company’s 2019 Summer Ensemble. 

Tanisha’s past theatre credits:

Tanisha is an actor. Some of her past theatrical credits include Maria in the classic musical The Sound of Music, Charles Dabernow Schmendiman in Picasso at the Lappin Agile. Picasso at the Lappin Agile is written by Hollywood comedic actor and writer, Steve Martin. Tanisha also appeared as Evelyn in Bed and Breakfast written by Mark Crawford.

Tanisha’s past film credits:

Tanisha is an actress who has appeared in film. She was in Altar Boy as Kyles Mom, directed by Serville Poblete, My Dying Heart directed by Stuart G. Robertson, and in Edwin playing Catherine directed by Stuart G. Robertson. Additionally, Tanisha has appeared in commercials. You have likely caught her on the small screen.

Who is Tanisha Amara represented by?

Tanisha Amara is represented by the agency Star Talent Inc. which is located in Burlington, Ontario. 

How to get an agent?

Tanisha’s training

Tanisha is an actor and learns the craft as a student of different acting schools across Toronto. Tanisha has training from Armstrong Acting Studios, Fraser Studios and the Anthony Meindl Acting Studio.

Some actors learn their craft by attending theatre school. Theatre schools are learning institutions which offer students intensive training. This training lasts between two to four years. Throughout these years students learn the basics of acting and are taught various techniques such as Meisner Technique, Stanislavski Technique, Suzuki, Viewpoints, Laban, and other methods. Some theatre schools are part of public or private colleges and universities. Theatre Schools can also be independent conservatories and learning institutions. Some actors don’t have any prior training. Johnny Depp and Jennifer Lawrence are famous actors who don’t have any formal acting training. Some actors learn their craft by taking acting classes outside of a theatre school.

Additional skills

  • Comedy and improvisation:
    As well as being an actor, Tanisha Amara is an improviser and has studied at Second City Toronto. The Second City is an improvisational comedy enterprise based in Chicago, Toronto and LA. Second City provides classes to professionals and non-professionals to learn how to improvise. Tanisha excels in comedy and has excellent comedic timing skills. She is able to think on the spot very easily.
    In August 2020 Tanisha Amara won first place in the Comedy Category for the Monologue Slam Toronto in the Comedy Category. Monologue Slam Toronto is a monthly competition where actors cross Toronto Compete with one another, by performing monologues.
  • Triple threat: A singer and dancer:
    As well as being an actor, Tanisha Amara is also a singer and a dancer. The styles of dance Tanisha knows include ballet, Jazz, Afro-Caribean, and Heels/Burlesque.

FUN FACTS ABOUT TANISHA: A Fun Fact about Tanisha Amara is that Tanisha’s favourite food is Cinnamon buns from Cinnabon.

Where to find Tanisha: Catch more of her performance art on her social media: @tanishacreates

Tanisha Amara: Summer Ensemble 2019, Tanisha Amara is one of the first Summer Ensemble members, from Crane Creations first Summer Ensemble in 2019.

Summer Ensemble 2019
Summer Ensemble 2019

What is the Summer Ensemble

The Summer Ensemble is an 8 week training program for theatre artists. In this paid working opportunity artists learn skills required to be a professional artist in Canada, and gain valuable insights into the theatre industry in Canada and abroad. To apply, artists must be between 18 and 30 years of age. Tanisha is one of the first summer ensemble members along with, Aditi Sharma, Eugenia De Jong, Jeysa Caridad, Erik Mrakovcic, Oli Allen, Riley Hardwick, Benedicte Mbaididje, Nicole Bonder, Hardik Zala, Sarah Hime and Cayne Kitawaga.


This was Crane Creations First Annual Summer Ensemble and Tanisha’s addition as a member of the ensemble, helped make this year a memorable experience for everyone.

Tanisha was an actor in the Summer Ensemble.

  • What is an Actor?
    An actor or actress is a person who portrays a character in a performance. The actor performs in the theatre, film, radio, television, or digital media. The analogous Greek term is ὑποκριτής. The meaning translates to “one who answers”.
  • What does an Actor do?
    An actor’s doesn’t just memorize lines and look pretty. An actor has a fun but important role in creating a story. They are responsible for interpreting and embodying the character in a play, television series, or film. To do this well many actors rehearse and train their bodies and voices regularly. They study their script and consult with the director and scene partners about their interpretation of the character. The main concern of an actor should always be understanding what a character wants or needs and then what they are is doing to achieve this action. A want or a need is also called an objective, or motivation. What an actor is doing is referred to an action or a tactic. An Actor Acts. A good actor makes many different and thoughtful choices about what the character is doing. A very good actor can make many creative choices, and is always ready to change their actions on the fly. Actors sometimes require additional special skills. For example, an actor in a Broadway musical may also need to know how to sing and dance. An actor is a puppet show must know how to operate a puppet. Professional Improvisers need to know how to create a character and make up a story on the spot without any preparation. An actor in an action blockbuster film may also be trained in stage combat and martial arts.


In the 2019 workshops of Romeo and Juliet, Tanisha the role of Lady Montague and alternated the role of Juliet with fellow cast member and 2019 Summer Ensemble Member, Nicole Bonder. Tanisha also participated in many activities and project with Crane Creations Theatre Company as a Summer Ensemble Member. She read through plays and assisted in workshops of new work. Tanisha was part of important and lively discussion and debates about the Canadian theatre industry. Tanisha learned about the theatre industry and what it looks like to be a professional full time artist. She learned about theatre in Mississauga. With her fellow Summer Ensemble members she explored the arts outside of Canada as well. She led and participated in workshops and presentations on prominent International and Canadian artists and theatre companies.

“Tanisha is an incredibly hardworking and dedicated artist. She always comes prepared and focused. Often carrying a soft demeanour but none the less bringing the power to any role, she was grasps our attention on the spot. She played the role of Lady Montague and carried the character with poise, power and great command. Crane Creations Summer Ensemble Project, was thrilled to work with this emerging artists. ” Andreja Kovac, Artistic Director

    Tanisha Amara is a Crane Creations Theatre Company 2019 Summer Ensemble Member. She is one of the cast members who was part of the 2019 workshop of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Tanisha was cast in the role of Lady Montague. She carries the character with poise, power and great command. She also alternates the role of Juliet with Nicole Bonder. Juliet is one of Shakespeare’s most well known characters. You may think of the classic balcony scene. You may think of the lines “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art though Romeo.Fun fact: Shakespeare never mentions a balcony in this scene.


    Tanisha Amara tried out a brand new interpretation the role. Tanisha’s Juliet is youthful. She wants to grow up fast, like any young person does. She wants her independence from her family. Tanisha’s Juliet has a dynamic and strong relationship with her mother Lady Capulet and father Lord Capulet. Lady Capulet is played by Jeysa Caridad. Lord Capulet is played by Erik Mrakovcic. Tanisha’s interpretation of the role brings youthfulness and playfulness to the character. She reminds us of the joy of young love.

    Tanisha was part of multiple play readings and workshops. She was in a reading of Invasion! by Jonas Hassen Khemiri. Invasion! is about prejudice identity, race and language.  She was in a workshop of Titanic, a one act comedy play by Christopher Durang, which was directed by Mackenzie Burton. She was in a reading Bambiland by Austrian playwright Elfriede Jelinek, Elfreide Jelinek won the noble prize for Literature in 2004. She was also in the first reading of the play Terror, which is now enjoying its Canadian premier.
    Terror is a courtroom drama, written by one of the most successful German contemporary writers, Ferdinand von Schirach. The play questions the idea of a means justifying an end and warns against quantifying human life. The audience serves as a jury at the trial of a fighter jet pilot. He is accused of killing 164 passengers off a commercial airplane, hijacked by terrorists, heading towards a soccer stadium with 70,000 people. The end of the play depends on the verdict of the audience.In this 2019 workshop Tanisha plays the role of State Prosecutor Nelson. Ms. Nelson is a highly accomplished lawyer and the State Prosecutor, prosecuting Fighter Pilot Lars Koch who has been accused of multiple murder by the Federal Criminal Court. In her role she has to fight for the dignity and the families of the victims who were killed by Lars Koch. Prosecutor Nelson fights to uphold value of the constitution and the value of human dignity above anything else. She is a highly intelligent lawyer, who warns the public about the persuasive power of populism and the dangers of placing individuals above the law. The role is now played by Asha Ponnachan, in the 2022 Canadian premier of Terror by Crane Creations Theatre Company at Clarke Hall in Port Credit, Mississauga.
    Tanisha was also involved in the early of workshops of a new play in development, Pandora’s Box. Andreja Kovac is currently writing the play, Pandora’s Box. Andreja Kovac is the artistic director of Crane Creations Theatre Company. Pandora’s Box is about two childhood friends, Pandora and B. B goes off to War at 18. When he returns he is haunted by his experience, and wants to change the world. His friend Pandora  also dreams of changing the world for the better. With the help of his friend Pandora as his campaign manager, B sets out on a political campaign to run for office. In the 2019 workshop, Tanisha plays B’s younger sister Candy. Tanisha was able to show off her incredible improvisation and comedy skills. Tanisha is a part of creating improvised scenes, with her fellow 2019 Summer Ensemble Members, which are now apart of this new play in development.

Tanisha was an essential part of Summer Ensemble 2019. She helps make the arts in Mississauga more vibrant.


“Tanisha is responsible for coming in with a smile and always making sure everyone leaves with one”
Aditi Sharma

Tanisha is one of the many talented and inspiring artists who was part of our team.  Meet her peer: Sarah Hime!

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