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Jordine De Guzman is a Niagara-based stage manager who graduated from Brock University’s Dramatic Arts Program. She finds joy in the process of searching for peace in theatre work’s intrinsic controlled chaos. During her time in between theatre work, Jordine founded and now runs her own online stationery store called Blue Moon Paper.


Jordine De Guzman is a graduate of Brock University’s Dramatic Arts Program. She is a 2020 graduate and has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts. 


Jordine De Guzman is an Artistic producer. She is an Artistic Producer for Crane Creation Theatre Company’s 2021 Summer Ensemble. Jordine is the production Co-ordinator for Fever/Dream at Brock University of Dramatic Arts Department. Jordine is a former stage manager at Brock University. She is the stage manager for A Winter’s Tale (2020) and Love and Information (2019) and King Ubu (2019). Jordine is a past 2020 intern of Suitcase in Point, a multi-arts company.   Most recently Jordine worked with Essential Collective Theatre, as an emerging artist. She presented Pandemic Stories, a public reading of theatrical works, as part of the Niagara Artist Centres Culture Days in October 2021.

Jordine is an artist and business owner 

Jordine is the founder and owner of Blue Moon Paper. Jordine designs, creates and sells handcrafted stationary and accessories. She owns a shop on Etsy. Follow @bluemoon.paper on Instagram for the latest updates!

Jordine De Guzman: Summer Ensemble 2021

Jordine is part of the third annual Summer Ensemble. She is a member of Crane Creation Theatre Company’s 2021 Summer Ensemble. This was Crane Creations Third Annual Summer Ensemble and Jordine’s addition as a member of the ensemble, helped make this year a memorable experience for everyone. Jordine De Guzman’s Fellow 2021 Summer Ensemble Members include: 

  • Mya Wong
  • Shannon Farrell
  • Temilola Gafaar
  • Robin Kadigamar 
  • Nicci Pryce 
  • Emmanuelle So 

Due to lock down restrictions a large portion of the program was conducted over zoom. Jordine De Guzman as well as the rest of Crane Creations 2021 Summer Ensemble handled the transition beautifully, and Jordine was quickly able to adapt her talents to a Zoom’s online platform.

What is the Summer Ensemble?  

The Summer Ensemble is an 8 week training program for theatre artists. In this paid working opportunity artists learn skills required to be a professional artist in Canada, and gain valuable insights into the theatre industry in Canada and abroad. To apply artists must be between 18 and 29 years of age. 

Meeting people with different backgrounds, working on something with people you believe in, with a company you believe in: It’s magical. 

Jordine De Guzman

Jordine is an artistic producer in the 2021 Summer Ensemble. Jordine De Guzman participated in many activities and project with Crane Creations Theatre Company as a Summer Ensemble Member. She assisted in the production and organizing of many events. She assisted in the workshop of the play Mirror. She assisted in the play translation project of Ivan Cankars’ works. She assists as an organizer in Bridges Festival 2022. She assists in producing they play Terror, which is playing at Clarke Hall, Port Credit Mississauga. Jordine assists Artistic Producers Aimee Poulin and Aditi Sharma in day to day activities. She was part of important and lively discussion and debates about the Canadian theatre industry. Jordine learned about the industry of theatre and what it looks like to be a professional full time artist. She learned about theatre in Mississauga. Jordine wrote grants and presented pitches for future theatre projects. She organized and participated in a seminar held by Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council

With her fellow Summer Ensemble members she explored the arts outside of Canada as well, and conducted workshops and presentations on prominent International and Canadian artists and theatre companies.

What is an Artistic Producer 

An artistic producer has an essential role in theatre. They oversee organizational operations and all aspects of a theatre production. They are responsible for the strategic planning and production of theatrical events and take care of the financial and managerial functions to make these theatrical events happen. They also manage day to day activities to make a company run. An Artist Producer balances the big-picture with everyday tasks required to make a business run. An artistic producer must be have the following skills: event management, time management, project management, teamwork, problem solving, leadership, financial planning, business management and communication. Their roles and duties constantly change depending on the need of the theatre company. In summary, an artistic producer is the person who makes theatre happen.  

What does an artistic producer do?

  • Look after the finances and manage how the budget is spent
  • Hire creative and technical teams 
  • Issue contracts
  • Organise and manage technical, stage management and workshop functions
  • Agreeing projects and financial backers
  • Agreeing production timelines
  • Finding and booking venue 
  • Setting ticket prices 
  • Selling tickets 
  • Create and implement marketing strategies 
  • Outreach
  • Holding regular meetings with Directors, creative teams and Artists
  • Hold regular meetings with stakeholders
  • Ensuring legal compliance such as copyright law, insurance liability, payroll and tax

Who is Jordine De Guzman? An Interview with Jordine. 

Q: How did you fall in love with theatre? 

A: I think I came into it a little but later than everyone else I know. I only really figured out that I liked it because I was looking for an extra credit in high school and I had already taken all of the visual arts classes that I really loved. My teacher was just fantastic and I really liked the environment. 

Q: Why do you love theatre? 

A: I like being able to explore. You get to explore and play and figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s ever changing and you always find new things. It’s always fun. It’s never boring. 

Q: You are an artistic producer. What does it mean to be a leader in the arts? 

A:  To have a leadership role in the arts being able to support your team. At the end of the day it’s about being there for people. Working in the arts requires vulnerability for artists, and you have to be there for them inside and outside of the work, to maintain a healthy creative environment.

Q: What was your favourite part of the Summer Ensemble? 

A: I loved getting to meet everybody. Most of the program was online this year. Getting to meet everyone in person after weeks, was really nice, especially when the actors were still working at the same time. There was so much energy in the space. Meeting people with different backgrounds, working on something with people you believe in, with a company you believe in: It’s magical. 

Q: What is your favourite play? 

A: In high school, we had to pick monologues to perform. I found one from this monologue book and then I read the play. It’s called Night Mother by Marsha Norman. It’s an emotionally exhausting play. It’s so sad but so good! I’ve only ever read the script, I’ve never seen it but one day I’d love to cry in the booth while watching it. 

Q: You are also an entrepreneur and own your own Business, Blue Moon Paper. What made you decide to open your own business? 

A: I love stickers. I’m super into stationary. There’s a huge stationary community on Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. People are getting back into being penpals and writing letters. During the pandemic, I was thinking to myself, “I want to do this. This sounds like fun”. I saw all these great stickers, I wanted. I thought, “Why can’t I just make them myself?” They turned out really great and I thought, “Why don’t I sell them?” I was selling masks at the time, because I had no other jobs and needed money. I knew how to sell and I love making things. It is another artistic endeavour, where I can create and grow a business. It’s so fun! 

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring artistic producers? 

A: Try to keep having fun because it does get tiring. Yes, you will be told no a lot. And it’s hard work and it takes time. You may be doing something you love, but that doesn’t mean it’s not exhaustive. You have to work to keep it fun. 

Q: What books are you reading? 

A: I’m reading a lot lately. I picked back ups recently. I’m shocked that I still now how to read. It’s been the years since I properly read a book. I’m getting offline for a bit. It’s nice to be away form my laptop for a while. The most recent books I’ve read are, They Both Die At The End It’s rough. It’s such a good book though. The other one is, Slaying of Achilles. I keep reading sad gay books! That wss the first book I read when I got back into reading, and I’m so glad I read it because it propelled me back into reading.

Q: What’s your favourite food? 

A: There’s this filipino dish called sinigang. My dad makes it tradition to make it once a month. I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life.

Q: You are a first-generation artist. What’s it like working as an artist as someone who is a firs-generation Canadian. 

A: There is a stereotype that immigrant parents are not open to the idea of their kid going into the arts. The profession that filipino kid gets into are nursing or housekeeping. I’m very lucky that my parent knew I was never gonna be a nurse. I didn’t want to and I made it very clear. I want to make a future when more first generation and immigrants people are welcomed into the arts. To be able to work in the arts, you have to have a lot of financial support. It you have to have money and time to commit.  That’s not something a lot of immigrant families have access to. Theatre is not accessible to everyone in Canada the way it is.Passion is not enough right now. It’s terrible but it’s true and it sucks. 

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you travel? 

A: I have always wanted to go to Korea. I have a friend who after we graduated she travelled to Korea and taught english. Godammit, I want to be there! They have very cool stationary. 

Where to Find Jordine

Jordine De Guzman is one of the many talented and inspiring summer ensemble members whom we had the pleasure to work with.  So, allow us to introduce you to her peer: Robin Kadigamar 

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