Tristan Lall

Congratulations To The Volunteer Of The Month!

Tristan Lall Is Volunteer Of The Month March 2024

Congratulations to the fantastic Tristan Lall, the Volunteer of the Month for March 2024! Your hard work is greatly appreciated by everyone at Crane Creations Theatre Company!

After a brief hiatus as our theatre has underwent renovation, we are pleased to announce Volunteer of the Month is back!

How Did Tristan Lall Become Volunteer Of The Month?

Tristan has been an outstanding volunteer at Crane Creations Theatre Company. He regularly takes on various roles, including working at the concessions office, where he has gained valuable experience in serving food and drinks, managing cash transactions, and operating a POS system. Tristan is a dedicated volunteer who consistently shows up on time and demonstrates enthusiasm, professionalism, and courtesy in all his duties.

What Is Volunteer Of The Month

At Crane Creations Theatre Company, we’ve got something special called the “Volunteer of the Month.” It’s like our way of giving a big high-five to our awesome volunteers who go the extra mile. Every month, we pick a new volunteer to be in the spotlight, and it’s our way of saying, “You rock!” We want everyone to know just how fantastic our volunteers are, and this award is our fun and appreciative way of doing that. So, if you see someone wearing the Volunteer of the Month badge, be sure to give them a big thumbs up because they’re the stars of our show for that month!

Who Has Been Volunteer Of The Month In The Past?

Each month, we award a new volunteer of the month. See who has been awarded volunteer of the month in the past.

Want To Become The Next Volunteer Of The Month?

If you want to become next month’s volunteer of the month, sign up for our September volunteer shifts.

Are you not a volunteer yet? Don’t worry. Sign Up! Our next volunteer training date is May 21 2024.

Tristan Lall

Congratulations to Tristan Lall, March 2024’s Volunteer of The Month! Would you like to be the next Volunteer of the Month?

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