Volunteer Of The Month March 2023

Congratulations To The Volunteer Of The Month!

Congratulations! We have a tie! 

A round of applause to Meghana Merugu and Scarlett Trusevych! Your hard work is greatly appreciated!

Naming the volunteer of the month was a hard decision, we had so many wonderful candidates to chose from.

Thank you to Meghana Merugu, who has been a great help throughout Puppet Festival Mississauga. So far, Meghana has volunteer over 25 hours with Crane Creations Theatre Company. That’s record breaking!

Thank you Scarlett Trusevych for your hard-work and ability to lend a hand in a high-pressure and fast-paced environment. Our hats go off to you!

And a big thank you to all of our volunteers who have helped us out throughout the month of March. We are so lucky to to have such fantastic volunteers, like you!

Want to become the next Volunteer Of the Month?

If you want to become next month’s volunteer of the month, sign up for our April volunteer shifts coming soon.

Are you not a volunteer yet? Don’t worry. Sign Up! Our next volunteer training date is April 18 2023.


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