Veda Ramaswamy

Congratulations To The Volunteer Of The Month!

Veda Ramaswamy Is Volunteer Of The Month October 2023

Congratulations to the fantastic Veda Ramaswamy, the Volunteer of the Month for October 2023! Your hard work is greatly appreciated by everyone at Crane Creations Theatre Company!

How Did Veda Ramaswamy Become Volunteer Of The Month?

Veda has shown exceptional and exemplary enthusiasm when volunteering with Crane Creations Theatre Company. We are so lucky to have her as a volunteer. Her wonderful personality shines through while she is volunteering. Veda is always willing to lend a helping hand, often assisting other volunteers and front of house supervisor. She is a role model volunteer. What makes Veda stand apart is her keen interest and eagerness to contribute. We are delighted to award Veda Ramaswamy with the well deserved title of volunteer of the month.

Congratulations Veda!

And a big thank you to all of our volunteers who have helped us out throughout the month of October! We are so lucky to to have such fantastic volunteers!

What Is Volunteer Of The Month

At Crane Creations Theatre Company, we’ve got something special called the “Volunteer of the Month.” It’s like our way of giving a big high-five to our awesome volunteers who go the extra mile. Every month, we pick a new volunteer to be in the spotlight, and it’s our way of saying, “You rock!” We want everyone to know just how fantastic our volunteers are, and this award is our fun and appreciative way of doing that. So, if you see someone wearing the Volunteer of the Month badge, be sure to give them a big thumbs up because they’re the stars of our show for that month!

Who Has Been Volunteer Of The Month In The Past?

Each month, we award a new volunteer of the month. See who has been awarded volunteer of the month in the past.


Want To Become The Next Volunteer Of The Month?

If you want to become next month’s volunteer of the month, sign up for our September volunteer shifts.

Are you not a volunteer yet? Don’t worry. Sign Up! Our next volunteer training date is January 9 2024.

Tristan Lall

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