An Animated Short Film

Ignasi Tarruella
Ignasi Tarruella


An Animated Short Film

Ignasi Tarruella
Ignasi Tarruella

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Nightly: March 8 to March 15 2023 


Halo Espresso Bar  & Studio Paint Bar

Recomended Audience

Please Note The Total Run Time of all 12 Films is 1hr 30 minutes.  



About the Show

In a world of toys a wooden robot feels lonely. Suddenly another robot appears but he or she doesn’t want anything about him. He has to find out the way to establish a relationship.


  • Director: Ignasi Tarruella
  • Photography: Raimon Lorda
  • Music: Roger Conesa
  • Sound: Sico Peret

About the Director.

An Interview with Ignasi Tarruella.

How did you get involved in working in film and animation?

When I was young I was interested in animation and I made a couple of shorts but as I wasn’t good at drawing nor sculpting I quite sooner. By the time, I became a tv series director and I’ve been working in Barcelona and Madrid since nowadays. Six years ago I came back to animation, to stop motion particularly and I’ve been happy doing it again. I shot four short films: Where should I go (I jo on vaig, 2016), RRR (2018), Sun-Kissed (Al sol, 2019), and Swing (2022) which is my last project.

What is one piece of advice you could give who is interested in going into film and animation?

A lot of patience and perseverance. And meet people interested in animation like you in the same way, and develop a network.

Why do you love animation?

Because it’s magic. In my case, I do stop motion, has a physical presence that makes it very attractive, human, unperfected and closer.

What is an animated film, you highly recommend someone see?

Mary and Max.

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