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March 14 2024 @ 6:30pm


Bradley Museum, Mississauga

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About Circle of Animals

One winter’s night Alex’s pets, Sadie and Raggedy, go missing. Her Grandmother tells her not to worry, that they will come back in the morning, and above all NOT to go looking for them, but Alex can’t stand not knowing where they are. She sneaks out of bed in the middle of the night and stumbles across a secret gathering she was never supposed to see.

Recommended Age: All Ages

Duration: 30 minutes

Language: English

Cast & Creative

The Circle of Animals was originally created for Kitchener’s Schneider Haus Museum for a lantern tour. Since then it has been performed for sold out audiences at festivals and private venues alike. 
Writer Puppeteer – Arlene Thomas
Puppet Building – Nike Abbott

Meet The Artists

Arlene Thomas
Arlene is the Artistic Director of Puppets & Shadows Theatre Collective. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Windsor and has been a performer as well as a Puppeteer in the Region of Waterloo and beyond for many years. With Puppets & Shadows Theatre she has performed in Museums and Galleries all over Ontario and has created multiple productions for young audiences. She also appeared with her shadow puppets in YTV’s "This is Scarlett and Isaiah." Arlene loves to sew and knit and has been known to get lost in fabric stores. She lives in Kitchener with her husband Borys and their three cats.
Nike Abbott
Nike Abbott was born and raised in K-W. She has her BA in English Literature from Glendon College at York University and her MA in Rhetoric and Communication Design from UWaterloo. She lived in Toronto for a while where she worked at the CBC and independently in casting. She has always loved theatre and especially the magic and fun of puppeteering. She loves storytelling and making people laugh. Nike has performed with theatre groups in Toronto and K-W. She has two cats named Mittens and Larry and lives in uptown Waterloo. Her favourite colour is purple and she loves to watch clouds float by.

The Company That Created Circle Of Animals

We’re the kids who hid in the library and read books during recess. We’re the ones who looked for the secret passages in our houses and who knew that the best stories happened in the shadowy places, the forgotten places, the basements and the attics where dust gathered. We found those places on rainy days when we wanted to escape into our imaginations. We still gather in those places to tell stories…with puppets. 
Puppets & Shadows Theatres presents puppets shows and workshops for young audiences… and those young at heart.
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