Go Ski

An Animated Short Film

Shaked Hyman Crane Creations Puppet Festival Mississauga
Shaked Hyman

Go Ski

An Animated Short Film

Shaked Hyman Crane Creations Puppet Festival Mississauga
Shaked Hyman

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Nightly: March 8 to March 15 2023 


Halo Espresso Bar  & Studio Paint Bar

Recomended Audience

Please Note The Total Run Time of all 12 Films is 1hr 30 minutes.  



About the Show

Tamar is a 25 years old young woman who is riding in a ski lift chair in an endless loop. By not going down to ski with the others, she’s choosing to stay on the sidelines. Her solitude is broken when a stranger chooses to sit beside her, and Tamar gets a chance to contemplate what she really wants.


  • Creator: Shaked Hyman

About the Creator.

An Interview with Shaked Hyman.

How did you get involved in working in film and animation?

I studied animation at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. My film is my final project. At my final year of school I worked on completing my film. I wrote the script, drew the storyboard, created the characters, background and props, and did the animation. Every part was different and challenging, but is also very rewarding.

What is one piece of advice you could give who is interested in going into film and animation?

Find a story you want to tell, and go from there. Find a setting in which to tell you story. The story can also be something like a feeling or an experience. Brainstorm lots of different ideas until you find the best way to tell your story, also share your progress with friends and see what they have to say.

Why do you love animation?

You can create entire worlds and characters. I especially love Stop Motion because you have a physical way to see your characters, and you can work with different materials and textures. Stop motion also requires a lot of experimenting with materials, which is something I enjoy a lot.

What is an animated film, you highly recommend someone see?

Megamind is a children’s movie from 2009, it’s is very under rated but worth seeing.

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