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Beyond Caring

"I'm a hard worker. I don't push him to the . . . You know I don't go out for breaks when I'm not supposed to. I don't stay in the loo when I'm not supposed to. If I was that kind of person I could have him done for discrimination . . . I just get on with things you know."
Alexander Zeldin Play Date


Alexander Zeldin is a British Dramatist, author, and theatre director. His works have been published in countries worldwide, mainly Russia, South Korea, and the Middle East. During his time at the East 15 Acting School as a teacher, he connected with several actors and the creative team that works with him today. He is also a director and recently worked as an Assistant Director to Peter Brook and Marie-Helene Estienne. He also receives the Quercus Trust Awards and is appointed as Associate Director at Birmingham Repertory Theatre.


Beyond Caring is a story of working-class people. Four workers have been hired to work the night shift at a meat factory. Under a zero hour contract, they work every night to clean. Soon tension stir as the workers get too close to fast.


Play Date is a monthly play reading activity, held on the third Thursday of each month.  We read one play from around the world together. The play reading is followed by a group discussion about the play. Anyone is welcome to join and practice reading out loud, regardless of experience or level of English comprehension. With Play Date, learning English becomes fun. This is a place where you can practice speaking out loud, expand your vocabulary and meet new people. Play Date is produced by Crane Creations Theatre Company. Crane Creations is an immigrant led professional theatre company located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Join us for our next Play Date! 

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