inspiraTO Creations Festival

Join us for a night of laughter and tears, during the inspiraTO Creations Festival, presenting 6 brand new Canadian 10 minute plays.

About The Shows At This Year’s Festival

A young man wakes up in an unusual predicament after a heavy night of partying. A nervous bride walks down the aisle to meet an unconventional groom. Sibling squabbles and conversations with a french speaking spoon. Join us for a night of laughter and tears, during the inspiraTO Creations Festival, presenting 6 brand new Canadian 10 minute plays.


Directed By: Leah Edmonds, Spencer Gilbert, SL Campbell

Written By: Shabana Zorah-Ahmad, Sheila Toller, Jordan Kewell, Aviva Fleising, Elizabeth M. Friesen, Rebecca Becket Grace 

Performed By: Hope Van Der Merwe, Celine Daaboul, Nikolai Afanasev, Boro Milosevic, Reymark Andres, Marie Barros, Kay Vukelic, Sofia Farahani.

Designed By: Robin Kadirgamar, Abbie Siu

Produced By: Sage Ziaaee, Phoenix

Stage Managed By: Rachel Whipple

Learn More About The Plays

Not Fit For A Donkey

Two sisters and one wedding. Junakhi, the older, awkward and unappreciated sister is having an arranged marriage to Kurun, a groom she’s barely met but come the wedding day she begins having doubts about whether she should be getting married.  Panya, the younger, glamourous and much loved sister remains on Junakhi’s heels to ensure she gets married.  When the groom comes riding in on a donkey both sisters are pushed to take decisions, they would rather not make lest they suffer the fate of being left not even fit for a donkey for shaming the family if Junakhi refuses to go through with the wedding. Will the wedding happen or not happen? And what price will each sister have to pay for not riding the donkey or riding the donkey? 

Meet The Playwright

Shabana Zorah-Ahmad

Shabana was born in England, Great Britain and is of South Asian descent. Her parents were born on British India soil (a country that was later divided into two countries India and Pakistan in 1947 after the British exited). She grew up in the duality of both a western and eastern cultures, which created a divide within her own identity and is demonstrated within all her creative work.

Today Again

How long can we care for our loved ones with dementia at home? A tired daughter brings her thoughts to life to come up with an answer.

Meet The Playwright

Sheila Toller

Sheila Toller lives in Toronto. Since 2017, she has cared for her aunt who has dementia. Part Golden Girls, part Grey Gardens, it has always been interesting. Sheila is a member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada.

Family Affairs

The play is about estrangement and sacrifice. How doing the wrong thing for the right reason can lead you to a place of suffering.

Meet The Playwright

Jordan Kewell

Jordan Kewell is an alumni of Niagara College’s Acting for Film and Television program, as well as a graduate of the Second City’s improv program.


Your sibling is like another country: they do things differently there.

Meet The Playwright

Aviva Fleising

Aviva Fleising is the General Manager at Fall for Dance North Festival and has worked in arts management for the past two decades. Hailing from Alberta, she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Contemporary Dance from the University of Calgary and a Certificate in Arts & Cultural Management from Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton.

Lovely, Dark and Deep

In a world where sexual violence still occurs (primarily against women), where victims are rarely believed, and where justice is rarely served, sometimes it becomes necessary to take matters into your own hands. It helps to have a strong group of sisters by your side. 

Meet The Playwright

Elizabeth Friesen

Elizabeth Friesen is a Toronto-based playwright, actor, director, and dramaturge. Her passion for theatre creation in all its forms, coupled with an insatiable curiosity, keeps her very busy, with multiple classes and projects on the go at all times. 


A Man and Woman made a pact fifteen years ago that if still single when they turned forty years old, they would meet up and marry each other. The time has come, and they both have a life-changing decision to make.

Meet The Playwright

Rebecca Becket Grace

Rebecca is involved in local theatre as an actor, writer, director, and producer.  She enjoys spending time writing, reading, and watching movies.

About Crane Creations Theatre Company

Crane Creations Theatre Company, a dynamic and imaginative theatrical powerhouse, is excited to collaborate with inspiraTo for the upcoming inspiraTO Creations Festival. With their commitment to pushing creative boundaries and delivering captivating performances, Crane Creations has garnered a reputation as a pioneering force within the industry. Led by a team of artists, the company consistently showcases innovative storytelling that captivates audiences and redefines the theatrical landscape.

About inspiraTO Festival

inspiraTO Festival stands as a prestigious platform dedicated to celebrating the art of theatre.brings together exceptional contemporary plays and nurtures emerging voices in the industry. The festival serves as a dynamic hub for theatre enthusiasts, industry professionals, and passionate artists to connect, learn, and experience the transformative power of live performances. Through careful curation, inspiraTO Creations Festival presents a diverse range of plays that challenge, inspire, and deeply resonate with audiences, inviting them on a profound journey of self-reflection and emotional connection.

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