The Lords of Nowhere
A surreal, hilarious and thoughtful play featuring incredible puppet creations by acclaimed puppet builder Mathieu Rene. Ages 12+
The Lords Of Nowhere : Bridges Festival | Crane Creations


 4pm March 12 2022


Sampradaya Dance Creations, 3250 Ridgeway Dr, Mississauga, ON L5L 5Y6

Duration: 30 minutes

Ages: 12+

About the Show

The demon Tibbles is having a birthday party, and he’s about to receive a most unique gift: a human audience. Featuring fantastic puppets and a surprising story this darkly bleak comic show has been called “Dark…Daring!” by the Toronto Eye magazine.

About the Creator

Alexander Winfield is a writer and puppeteer. He was born in Bermuda, where he grew up in and around the ocean. He made many friends there, though not all of them were human. He has been writing since a child, creating large, shared universes with his siblings, who also write. He has worked with puppets around the world; for now, he lives in Toronto.

About the Company

Nautilus Theatre is the producer of new and original puppet works that simultaneously challenge and entertain their audiences. With a growing repertoire of fantastic short and feature length puppet shows that take audiences on voyages through wondrous worlds where anything may happen, Nautilus Theatre is a company dedicated to bringing the art of the puppet into the 21st century in unmatched style.


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