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A green leaf growing on a dead branch, bits of wood forming strange creatures, sometimes hostile, sometimes funny. For Audiences 4+


 1pm March 12 

3pm March 13

1pm March 13 

3pm March 13  


Bradley Museum, 1620 Orr Rd, Mississauga, ON L5J 4T2

Duration: 40 minutes

Ages: 4+


About the Show

A green leaf growing on a dead branch, bits of wood forming strange creatures, sometimes hostile, sometimes funny…

It is a visual poetry that makes us discover a curious world that surprises, surprises, inspires, but also makes us think and question ourselves.

Faithful to its artistic approach, Puzzle Théâtre is once again inspired by a new material to create an atypical puppet show, colorful, full of humor and unexpected situations.
About the Creator: Csaba Raduly

After finishing his studies in Dramatic Art at the Babes-Bolyai University in Kolozsvár, he worked for the Hungarian Repertory Theater in Székelyudvarhely where he played many leading roles.
In 2006 he moved to Montreal where he joined the Puzzle Théâtre and embarked on a new artistic approach – creative theatre.

About the Creators: Pavla Mano

Holder since 1996 of a Master’s degree in Directing for puppet theater at the National School of Theater and Cinematographic Art in Sofia, she is a director, designer of puppets and sets and puppeteer.
Based in Montreal since 2004, she is the founder and artistic director of the company Puzzle Théâtre. She also acts as a trainer and leads theater and puppet-making workshops.

About the Company

Founded in Bulgaria and established in Montreal since 2004, Puzzle Théâtre presents a unique style that mixes different genres: object theatre, puppetry and acting. The company stands out for the colorful amalgamation of forms and means of expression that it offers, leaving the public the freedom to interpret the unsaid, to make the free association of ideas and to feel what is not is not explicitly told.
Puzzle Théâtre presents its shows across Canada, North America, Europe and Asia.

Bois is presented by Maple Magic in partnership with Bridges Festival.

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