Puppets Workshops
Created by Puppet Mongers


March 2021


Puppet Mongers - Crane Creations Theatre Company


1 hour to 30 Minutes


Burnhamthrope Library

How to make three types of puppets demonstration

Different types of puppet making are explained and demonstrated in easy terms, using readily available materials, to inspire the students in the creation of their own puppet plays. Potential puppet types include: shadow puppets, rod puppets, toy theatres, marionettes, table-top puppets, and object puppets.

World Puppetry Demonstration

A World of Puppetry is both an introduction to the intriguing diversity of puppetry traditions around the world, and a demonstration of simple puppet making techniques. The presentation appeals to students’ imaginations and sense of wonder, as well as giving them a solid technical basis with which to inspire creativity in this interdisciplinary art form.

Hands on Workshop

Take your skills beyond finger and paper bag puppets, using readily available child-friendly tools and cheap and simple everyday materials. You will discover how to make and play with simple shadow puppets, 2D and 3D paper puppets, toy-theatre, and basic rod puppets. You will also learn about Story-Boards: the very best “scripting” method for youngsters to turn a story into a play.


Created by Puppet Mongers

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