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Space Dimensions

Total: 1197 sqft
Rehearsal space: 480 sqft
Washroom: 144 sqft
Meeting room: 180 sqft
Office: 110 sqft
Hallway: 147 sqft

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Space Features

Free WiFi
Air-conditioned/ Heated
Gender Neutral Washroom
Vinyl flooring in studio, tiles in the restroom

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21 Chairs 
2 Tables
1 Fan
1 Hand-held vacuum
Cleaning supplies

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Lighting and Sound

We currently do not have any specialized lighting, audio or video equipment available. 
The users of the space are encouraged to bring in their own specialized lighting and sound equipment as needed. There are many wall outlets in every room available. 

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Seating capacity

This flexible rehearsal, event, meeting, and classroom space can seat up to 25 people in the largest space. The office area can seat 4 people and the board room can comfortably sit 10 people around our tables.

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There is plenty of free parking in front of our studio available on a first come first serve basis. Weekdays the lot is busier, plan to arrive early to find a spot. On weekends and evenings there’s plenty of space.

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Our studio is located on the second floor and is only accessible by stairs. We are hoping to improve accessibility soon. Contact us for any accessibility needs or concerns. 

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Where to eat?

There are local restaurants and well-known franchises located nearby, including a breakfast place, a family diner, Italian, Indian, Jamaican family run restaurants and a grocery store.

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Need Coffee?

You can find a Starbucks and a Tim Hortons located 10 minutes away on foot from our studio. We also have a kettle in our storage space if you prefer to make coffee and tea right here in the space.

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