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Nicci Pryce (they/them) is a queer Jamaican-Canadian artist. Nicci Pryce produces work as a writer, director, and cinematographer and is a multi-faceted artist. They co-founded the production company G’RILLA Inc, while attending Toronto Metropolitian University for Media Production. They have directed G’RILLA’s most recent adaptation, Romeo and Juliet and have appeared in Soulpepper’s 2099 Queerfutures in collaboration with Toronto Pride. Nicci loves film and theatre because it provides them with a platform to tell stories that have been suppressed or underexposed over the years. Nicci Pryce is a member of Crane Creations Theatre Company’s 2021 Summer Ensemble. 

Why Does Nicci Love The Arts 

Nicci has known from a young age that their purpose is to tell the stories that have been suppressed or underexposed over the years. They bring this purpose into all of their works.


Nicci studied Media production at X university (which was formerly called Ryerson University) 

Ryerson’s Media Production degree is a comprehensive program covering the art, craft and business media. Students learn to produce content for various platforms, including video, television, podcast, radio AR/VR, transmedia and live productions. 

Nicci is an Artistic Director 

Nicci is the Artistic Director of G’RILLA PRODUCTIONS. TO date they have who has

directed 5 theatre productions as well as multiple short films. Two pieces that they have directed have included reinterpretations of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. 

As Artistic Director and Co-foudner of G’RILLA Productions, Nicci’s responsibilities include

securing locations for performances and rehearsals

creating financing plans

managing ticket sales

recruiting production team, and casting shows

pitching concepts and coordinating ambitious projects

managing onine presence

Nicci is also a cinematographer and film director. They have directed OH BOBBY and BLACk two screenplays which they also wrote. Nicci is a screenwriter and has written multiple short films and screenplays.  

A Fun Fact About Nicci  

Nicci’s pride and joy is their cat: Puss-eus Jackson son of Puss-eidon (or P.P for short). 

Nicci Pryce: Summer Ensemble 2021 

Nicci Pryce is part of the third annual Summer Ensemble.They are a member of Crane Creation Theatre Company’s 2021 Summer Ensemble.

What Is The Summer Ensemble?  

The Summer Ensemble is an 8 week training program for theatre artists. In this paid working opportunity artists learn skills required to be a professional artist in Canada, and gain valuable insights into the theatre industry in Canada and abroad. To apply artists must be between 18 and 30 years of age. 

Due to lock down restrictions a large portion of the program was conducted over zoom. Nicci Pryce as well as the rest of Crane Creations 2021 Summer Ensemble handled the transition beautifully, and Nicci was quickly able to adapt their talents to a Zoom’s online platform.

Nicci Pryce is an Artistic Producer

What is an Artistic Producer? 

An artistic producer has an essential role in theatre. They oversee organizational operations and all aspects of a theatre production. Artistic Producers are responsible for the strategic planning and production of theatrical events and take care of the financial and managerial functions to make these theatrical events happen. They also manage day to day activities to make a company run. An Artist Producer balances the big-picture with everyday tasks required to make a business run. An artistic producer must be have the following skills: event management, time management, project management, teamwork, problem solving, leadership, financial planning, business management and communication. Their roles and duties constantly change depending on the need of the theatre company. In summary, an artistic producer is the person who makes theatre happen.  

What Does An Artistic Producer Do? 

Look after the finances and manage how the budget is spent

Hire creative and technical teams 

Issue contracts

Organise and manage technical, stage management and workshop functions

Agreeing projects and financial backers

Agreeing production timelines

Finding and booking venue 

Setting ticket prices 

Selling tickets 

Create and implement marketing strategies 


Holding regular meetings with Directors, creative teams and Artists

Hold regular meetings with stakeholders

Ensuring legal compliance such as copyright law, insurance liability, payroll and tax

What Did Nicci Do As An Artistic Producer

Nicci Pryce is an artistic producer in the 2021 Summer Ensemble. Nicci Pryce participated in many activities and project with Crane Creations Theatre Company as a Summer Ensemble Member. They assisted in the production and organizing of many events. They assisted in the workshop of the play Mirror. Nicci assisted in the play translation project of Ivan Cankars’ works. They assists as an organizer in Bridges Festival 2022. They assists in producing they play Terror, which is playing at Clarke Hall, Port Credit Mississauga. Nicci Pryce helped the SpringWorks! PuppetWorks Festival 2021. Nicci assists Artistic Producers Aimee Poulin and Aditi Sharma in day to day activities. They were part of important and lively discussion and debates about the Canadian theatre industry. Nicci learned about the industry of theatre and what it looks like to be a professional full time artist.They  learned about theatre in Mississauga. Nicci wrote grants and presented pitches for future theatre projects. They organized and participated in a seminar held by Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council. 

With their fellow Summer Ensemble members Nicci explored the arts outside of Canada as well, and conducted workshops and presentations on prominent International and Canadian artists and theatre companies.

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