Hiring Lighting and Sound Designer Stage Technician

Summer Ensemble 2024

Deadline To Apply: January 12, 2024
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Are you looking for a job in theatre? This might be the role for you!  We have a position for a Lighting and Sound Designer/Stage Technician in the theatre. 

The Role

Lighting and Sound Designer/Stage Technician is responsible for providing technical support in the areas of sound, lighting, and set and props building. Working with a Director they will create a lighting plot and sound design for a show, install lighting, program lighting and sound cues and run the shows. This is a role for a student, or recent graduate, of a technical production program.

Type of Engagement: Full time

Start Date: June 4 2024

End Date: July 27 2024

Compensation: $5,040

This role is part of Summer Ensemble 2024.

What Is Summer Ensemble?

Summer Ensemble is a one of a kind work experience for artists pursuing a career in the Canadian theatre industry. Summer Ensemble hires artists between the ages of 18 to 30 to work full time over the course of several weeks. Along the way, learn valuable skills and gain experience in this fast-paced, intense program. 

Job Description

Tasks and Responsibilities

Lighting and Sound Designer/StageTechnician hired through Summer Jobs Program will be required to engage in the following tasks and responsibilities: 

  • Read the play or project brief; Consult with a director regarding requirements for the design of technical requirements; 
  • Create drafts, sketches, plans, drawings, models and/or prototypes that assist in visualization of the design elements and their construction;
  • Provide ideas and technical solutions for lighting/sound of a show;
  • Create a detailed prompt book containing technical cues and all essential information needed to ensure the show runs as directed by the director of the production;
  • Record and or/edit sound;  Create a lighting plot and hang lights;
  • Operate technical equipment such as sound or lighting board as required;
  • Connect electrical instruments; 
  • Climb a ladder and work on heights; Lift equipment heavier than 50 lbs;
  • Assemble a lighting and sound cue list based on director’s input; 
  • Program the cues in QLab software; 
  • Design, build, and/or purchase, and/or adapt, paint, construct visual elements of the play such as set elements, props and/or puppets. 
  • Prepare lists of props, costumes, costume changes, set changes and any other pertinent information;
  • Manage a small budget; Stay on budget, record expenses and file receipts;
  • Keep up to date with the most recent script changes;Take notes of technical requirements and changes: 
  • Run the sound and/or lights during all shows as required;
  • Consult with a technical director and facilities manager regarding technical capacity for the design to be realized; 
  • Maintain technical equipment in good working order; 
  • Maintain clean surfaces and working space in the theatre and tech booth; 
  • This is a learning on the job role and will also entail the following requirements: watch videos of productions, acting exercises and other professional materials as required;
  • with the help of a mentor learn how to evaluate professional theatre’s elements;participate in learning activities about professional companies (employers), funding bodies and grants;
  • Complete delegated tasks such as research or reports or articles in a timely matter;
  • discuss and debate elements of professional productions and acting techniques;learn how to write and edit a blogpost under supervision and mentorship;
  • writing blog posts as required.

Application Process

How To Apply

Click the button below to apply. Before applying make sure you have read the Job Description and Requirements thoroughly. 

Deadline To Apply: January 12, 2024

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