Rhys Whitham

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Rhys is an actor/musician born and raised in Sheffield, England. They graduated from the Randolph College for the Performing Arts in 2017. As a Queer and Non-Binary performer, Rhys enjoys theatre for it’s collaborative and inclusive opportunities. Catch them in Jess Callaghn’s new queer musical, “Never Wonder” (@neverwondermusical) coming in 2022!

Rhys is part of Crane Creations 2021 Summer Ensemble. They played the character of Maria in Crane Creation’s workshop of Twelfth Night.

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Our Board, Core Team, Summer Ensemble, Artists, Volunteers past and present make us who we are.  Meet all of the amazing people who work with us. 

Nicole Eun-Ju Bell

Nicole Eun-Ju Bell is a Toronto based mixed-race artist. Nicole is a multi-disciplinary artist with a passion for performance and technology. She is, among other things, a projection designer, actor, writer, and stage manager.  Nicole is a graduate of the Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance at the University of Toronto. Nicole is a member of Crane Creations Theatre Company 2021 Summer Ensemble.

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Phoenix is a passionate film student who enjoys working in theatre. Phoenix has two cats and enjoys an occasional company of plants and books.

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